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Daddy's Rough Morning

The day began gloriously. Kim had Friday 2/20 off and its always a pleasure to be stirred by the 6:50am cellphone alarm only to find her still beside me (she leaves for work around 6:00am). I took some extra time in getting a shower and heard Georgia speaking to mommy on my exit from the curtain. After getting dressed, Georgia was using the the potty and protested, "Daddy, I'm sleepy!" Now, it's 7:30am, and anyone has a right to be sleepy at that time. I certainly was. However, for G to declare this is truly a white flag waving in devastated defeat. On an average morning, I would've climbed into bed and learned if she had slept well, what she had dreamed, and been presented with a multitude of facts (usually determining how many days until Wednesday and her ballet class, that God made the sky blue, or a search for her lost "sleepy socks") but she got up on her own and we didn't have that moment so I wasn't sure if she had a "bad night.&qu

Local TV Websites: The Search For Relevance

After working in broadcasting for 20 years (last 10 in TV) and tending to multiple websites associated with Nielsen markets #89 and #9, I came to the realization that local TV websites should be searching desperately for relevancy. When something is relevant, it's thought about often, applied to one's life, and is frequently utilized. This statement rarely applies to local TV websites.