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Goodbye Maddy

Georgia loving on her first dog. Maddy the beagle came into our lives when she was found hiding in the bushes near the Spirit 106 office in Ridgeland, MS. Kim and another lady in the business complex were feeding the stray beagles in hopes of catching them to find a home. Kim's rescue partner called and said she had a beagle in front of her office that wouldn't come out of the bushes and appeared to need help. Kim and I went to get her. We'd pull her out of the bushes, and she'd try to return. Eventually, we got her into my car and took her to our vet. She had fleas and ticks covering her entire body. After getting an exam and flea dip, our radio station manager agreed that she could stay in an empty room at the back of the building until we determined next steps. This sweet beagle stayed there almost 3 days mostly sleeping, drinking and eating some, enjoying brief walks, but mostly sleeping and cowering every time we approached her.