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I Broke My Child

Saturday, August 4, was an average weekend day. It began with Kim and G getting breakfast from Chick-fil-A while I slept longer. Such a treat. Next, a mid-day birthday party for a child of one of Kim's coworkers gave G some nice fun. Then, a couple stops for shoes & clothes shopping for G (the girl keeps growing!) followed by a light dinner at home. The night was to end with the family enjoying the Columbia walking trail: Kim and I walking with G riding her bike. The first mile and a half were great. The return trip resulted in a visit to the ER.

Embracing Sin With Hearts Wide Shut

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about homosexuality, gay marriage, and equal rights. Having a conversation about this topic continues to be difficult especially within faith-based circles. Why? Because we're unwilling or unable to identify sin. Or worse, that which we know as sin we're embracing with hearts wide shut. "I didn't say anything different from what any Bible-believing Christian would say if you want to be true to the Scriptures." Kirk Cameron recently made this statement in reaction to the backlash he received during an interview with Pierce Morgan. The interview was supposed to be focused on Cameron's latest film, Monumental, but instead Morgan pressed him on topics such as homosexuality and gay marriage. Cameron explained that he opposes gay marriage in part because he considers homosexual behavior "unnatural" and believes that it's "detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization