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I Can Honestly Say Jon Is My Best Friend

At the beginning of this year, these were Kate Gosselin's words in an interview with Today's Christian Woman: "I can honestly say Jon is my best friend."

Kate also says, "When the babies were born, I was well aware that our marriage could crumble. It was close to doing so at times. But we survived that first year. And then the second one. And then each year after that. Even though the issues have changed, it's never gotten easier.
"But Jon and I are more determined than ever that we're in this together. We've told our kids many times that we're always going to be a family. There are no other options. Sure, Jon and I take our stress out on each other, and no, that's not always good or healthy. But we work hard as a team every day."

Thank You, Mom

Perhaps it's easier to think about my own mom and how much I appreciate her considering that yesterday marked two weeks since she fell. She had surgery on her shattered shoulder April 27 and that week was a blessing to spend with her and dad. She's healing nicely but it'll be another month or so before things are back to normal.

My mom's always taken care of someone much like her own mother. When my older brother and sister were out the house, she had me to raise. Once I left the house, she had Dad. Now, her husband and children are taking care of her. It's a bit unnerving for her. The woman who's always fussed over everyone else now has to accept people helping her.

Separation of Church and State

The phrase "separation of church and state" has been used so frequently in the news (and perhaps I hear it more being in DC/Baltimore region), that I seriously question if anyone really understands the origins of the phrase and how it's been polluted?

For many, I'll assume they think it means keeping church or religion out of all government and government supported entities. Wrong.