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I Can Honestly Say Jon Is My Best Friend

At the beginning of this year, these were Kate Gosselin's words in an interview with Today's Christian Woman: "I can honestly say Jon is my best friend."

Kate also says, "When the babies were born, I was well aware that our marriage could crumble. It was close to doing so at times. But we survived that first year. And then the second one. And then each year after that. Even though the issues have changed, it's never gotten easier.

"But Jon and I are more determined than ever that we're in this together. We've told our kids many times that we're always going to be a family. There are no other options. Sure, Jon and I take our stress out on each other, and no, that's not always good or healthy. But we work hard as a team every day."

Flash forward to the recent People magazine article with Kate saying: "I don't think I know if I believe him. I don't think that I know the whole truth and to be very honest, I don't think I ever will. My gut instinct says he's mad that he got caught. There wasn't a whole lot of thought that went into that behavior."

Yet, she also says, "I will never give up hope that every member of our family can be absolutely happy again."

Will they split up? Did anyone cheat? What about the children? The media firestorm noise is unbelievable. It truly is a feeding frenzy with these tabloids tossing their stretched truths and sensational headlines into society's piranha-filled streets.

My post "Why The Hate For Jon and Kate?" was originally written at a time when the discussions of Jon's martial infidelity had barely begun. Since then, comments to that post haven taken on a life of their own with many readers issuing their support or criticism of the family.

After all, discussions of Kate's abrasive type-a personality, Jon's inability to stand up for himself, or the possible endangerment of the children could only generate so much attention. Now, there's scandal and potential for divorce!

It's sad how we as a society enjoy watching the destruction of lives. Hence, my challenge to you and those you know who are fans of this show or who follow this couple's lives for whatever reason: pray for them.

Instead of me babbling on about my thoughts and instead of you guessing or wondering one more thing about them, I challenge you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, and their Twitter and Facebook followers to complete this prayer schedule and commit to praying for this couple and their family.


  1. Thank you finally for sending prayer and love to this family. They are amazing, Kate is beautiful and wonderous, I watched a clip on youtube of Jon and Kate in younger years before any children it is set to music from Brad Paisley, She's Everything to me. I cryed because I can completely related to her. She is everything and sometimes you forget to play sweet sweet with that drive and determination. She is real just like everyone of us. They were once a vision of God's love I believe with God they will be again.

  2. What hours will the Gosselins be praying for their own family? I haven't heard Kate mention her faith or God in one single interview she's done. They seem to be doing nothing but basking in the limelight of whatever kind of publicity they can get. What kind of mother poses for a magazine cover with the headline "we may split up"? If they are truly having problems they should be working on it together, not flitting off to every tv show and magazine that will have them. If this is all a ruse for ratings, shame on them for using their children so shamelessly.

  3. Thank you Rick, I agree to pray for the entire family. It is a shame that when someone attains any type of celebrity that the media seems to think that they are owed every minute of the persons time and need to know every aspect of their lives. Every marriage is a commitment and we have to work through many issues, I pray that people will allow Jon and Kate the time and space to work through their issues at this time.

  4. Thank you, for making me see that reading the magazines are bad for the family, I did pray, and I am a big fan of them and the show, so thank you again, for making me see the mistakes that I made.

  5. Anonymous, thank you for your kind words. Indeed, they can recapture their love with God's help. We all can lose our way sometimes.

    Chrissy, Jon & Kate have shared their faith in subtle ways on the show from going to church, to plaques on the wall, to t-shirts they wear during their interview session, to feedback from the children. Kate has also spoken at several churches were she may feel more comfortable sharing her faith. As for the magazine covers, take it from a media professional, the couple has no control over what gets printed and how. They are the fodder of magazines trying to make a buck. Kate has also canceled her next several booked appearances to be at home with the family.

    Patti, thank you for your commitment for lifting this family up in prayer.

    Judy, praise God that you you will focus on the positive for this family! Whatever you read about this family, please use it as a springboard to praying for their healing and protection.

  6. Rick, I was a supporter of yours then, and I am still a supporter now. Thank you for the kind words and the uplifting article on your blog.

  7. Oh my god. This is hysterical. A prayer schedule for Jon and Kate? Utter ridiculousness if you ask me. Especially since they CHARGE churches and people just to meet them or talk to them.


  8. Rebecca, speakers at churches often do charge for their appearances since their time is valuable. And if they don't charge, the church will take up a "love offering" from those attending to help defer costs.

    Regardless of charges or not, they (and any married couple) need prayer.

  9. Sir, I pray for EVERYONE who needs help, not just the gosselin's - and that includes you.
    This bizarre obsession with this family is so beyond anything remotely "normal" and is utterly frightening!
    It's quite perverse and you people really need to step back and please - for the sake of these precious children -- stop it.

    This is why people are speaking out - because these horrific obsessions with these precious children needs to be stopped and there is only one way to do that.
    For people to STOP watching the show and treating innocent children as mere commodities (or oddities to be dissected and talked about and watched like at a zoo).
    Please sir - if you REALLY are a Christian and REALLY care for these children - pray that people get a clue, get a life - concentrate on children who really need attention (think those still without shelter from Hurricane Katrina, think children being slaughtered and tortured in certain countries such as the Sudan).
    I have traveled to some of these places, we have rebuilt homes and believe me - if you saw the need of these children in person -- you would have wondered why you wasted so much valuable time making up a bizarre prayer chart (it's perverse!)
    We all need prayer - the world needs prayer - but do some good with your life and give the children some peace - please.

    Put your energies elsewhere - believe me - without cameras following them 24/7 and people watching them on their scripted tv show - THAT will be their salvation!
    Please find something that could really change the world to occupy your time.

    In a matter of weeks -- if people stopped watching this show -- those children would actually have a chance to have a normal life and repair all the damage that has been done.
    Thank you so much!

    Put your prayer into action and Save these children -- stop feeding the exploitation!

  10. Jackie,

    Awesome! It's wonderful that you're lifting this family and me up in prayer!

    Some might say there are more deserving people who need prayer due to their health or injuries or death. No person or family deserves or needs prayer more than another. Sometimes we might need more, but I've often felt energized by the prayers of others.

    In this case, I've read very little positive information about the Gosselins and no mention of supporting them in prayer. It's not that there's nothing positive to report. Good news doesn't generate attention like bad news.

    Indeed, there are far many other things in this world that need attention and support. It's a shame that our resources and attention are diverted from potentially much more serious situations. Much like it being sad that New Orleans received so much attention for what Katrina did to it when 1/4 of the state of Mississippi was nearly raked clean by the storm. Minuscule attention has gone to Mississippi compared to New Orleans.

    My energies and attention are spread across a variety of subjects but my heart is for caring for people in need with the love of Jesus Christ. This family is in need right now.

  11. We're all being duped. Tactical brilliance. This the is new highly evolved "family" reality show. The PR, paps, tabloids, talk shows, even Aunt Jodi/Kevin, are all carefully orchestrated/scripted. Everyone is cashing in on the J&K8 brand. Step back, and OBJECTIVELY analyze any one of the recent pics. Take away the nefarious accusations and they all mean absolutely nothing. Shame on them for willingly tarnishing their own reputations to create "buzz". The twins probably understand it's called "working the system" (however depraved). If J/K really do still love each other the kids win and that's all that matters. It does not change the fact, however that the kids need to be off the air. Their parents are not acting responsibly.

  12. Suzanne, thanks for your comment. You may very well be correct in that this is all one big marketing conspiracy. However, the facts remain the same: Jon & Kate are a married couple who have 8 children, live in PA, and have a reality TV show. That alone is worth giving them prayer support.

    Indeed, everyone wins when love is in the house.

  13. Put the cameras aside and Jon and Kate are simply two individuals working on their marriage and trying to raise their children.

    Every Sunday at church there are prayer requests for broken relationships, struggling families etc. I don't always know these families or perhaps they make the request anonymously. However, I always lift them up to the Lord in prayer! Why would it be any different for Jon and Kate Gosselin?

    Of course there is always going to be people that have an unhealthy obsession with this family, that is unfortunate and sad. However, there are plenty of us that just want the best for this family...whatever that is! I pray that the Gosselins with find comfort in their Maker and that they will live the life that God has intended them to live...a life that is not for me to judge.

    Rick, Thank you for this piece! I love how you handle the comments and whether they are positive or have people talking about God!!

  14. Bee, you are a blessing. Many thanks!

  15. Mrs. Christian WorldMay 20, 2009 at 6:26 PM

    Dear Rick,

    As for the post in regards to Kate Gosselin charging churches to speak. I am a keynote Christian Speaker and I am a former Mrs. Christian World. Before, during, and after my reighn I never and I mean never charged any church or organization to speak, and I was only offered an offering once in which I didn't accept whether I travel or not I don't charge anything and the Gosslins are in a much better financial situation than I am. It is all for the glory of God to share what the Lord has done in my life. As a former Mrs. Christian World I didn't get much recognition nationally nor did the women prior or after me. We all shared who Jesus is in our lives and how he blessed each and everyone of us through trials and tribulations joys and testimonies

  16. A lot of times there are things called 'STOCK PHOTOS' which magazine [ESPECIALLY tabloids] will buy to own the rights of those pictures. people dont have to have a shoot for that magazine. and rarely do [for tabloids]. i highly doubt that that picture on star was FOR star. it was probably justa stock photo.
    i think its important to address this issue on the air since there is so much speculation about it, but notice she never says MUCH because 'its a private matter that theyre dealing with quietly, in the family'
    i get so frustrated reading all this hateful 'theyre basking in the sunlight!' bullcrap.
    if kate and jon WEREN'T to ever come out, you all would be saying the OPPOSITE 'well WHY aren't they coming out and mentioning anything!! they must be hiding something'
    so give it up, no one is ever satisfied. and notice on all her interviews lately shes been sullen and forlorn, in my opinion. theyre a regular family, just like yours or mine, they just havea tv crew in there. i agree that sometimes shes quite hard on jon but.. shes the mother of 8 children, seems like shes the main do-er in the family [wears the pants] and id probably be pretty stressed out too.
    they says they take out their stress on each other and the camera just so happens to capture it. so they aire it, because it creates the effect for the show, so people continue to tune in, and talk about it.

  17. Mrs. Christian World, thanks so much for sharing your experiences and insight into public speaking about your faith.

    Anonymous, you are exactly correct. No one is satisfied which is why they nor anyone should try to please everyone. Dealing with this privately is the best way they can heal which is what they are trying to do.

  18. These two, Jon and Kate, are truly glorious in His eyes, for they have produced a Quiverful for His Divine Usage. I would urge all of you to witness for this couple, as it is the devil brought on by HUSSEIN Obama which has torn these two righteous people asunder. "I bring not peace but a Sword", let the Word slay any who should stand in His way.

  19. If Jon & Kate Gosselin were EMPLOYED and actually trying to help themselves - other than from the exploitation of their children - I'd offer up a prayer or two for them. If anyone needs prayer, it's the children.

    I'd pray that their unemployed, deceitful parents turn the cameras off & allow them to have whatever normal childhood they can salvage - if any.

    I'd pray that instead of spending $$$'s on real estate - vacation codominiums - sports cars - jewelry - etc, that Jon & Kate are putting the money earned from the show & proceeds that involve the children into accounts for the kids' futures.

    I'd pray that the children have parents that treasure their childhood rather than sell it off for $$$'s.

    I'd pray that the children have access to their family - grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

    I'd pray that the children's residence be a HOME rather than a television studio.

    That's just for starters.

  20. Christian Solider, Jon & Kate are indeed glorious in His eyes for every human life is important to God. While I'm no fan of President Obama, let's let bring him into this discussion.

  21. tallblonde,

    Thanks for your comments and you have every right to offer these things up as prayer concerns as they seem to be concerns on your heart. I merely caution that you cannot say for certain what their finances are applied towards. Nor can you say for certain anything about the children's accounts or trust funds.

    Again, don't believe all that you read and hear. I'd be inclined to believe nothing unless it comes straight from Jon & Kate.

  22. No one can "say for certain" what their finances are applied towards - Agreed. That's why I'd offer up a prayer for financially securing the children's futures - because that is an unknown. The new house, new cars, etc can be seen.

  23. It is very hard to pray for someone that continues to sell the very souls of their most precious gifts that God has ever given them . That being, 8 children that their parents have totally ruined their lifes forever.
    How can I pray for people that are too lazy to actually do what most of us do everyday? That being, earning an honest living for our families.
    Kate Gosselin never thinks of anyone except herself. That is even true of her own children. She has forgotten how to be a true christian, if she really ever knew.
    I can tell you this for sure. I would not want to be in her shoes when she has to stand before God.

  24. Anonymous, thank you for sharing your honest comments. It's hard to pray for someone (individual or group) that you disagree with or otherwise have strong differing opinions towards. However, that's even more reason to pray for that person or persons! In some cases, your opinion or outlook can be off which is what's great about prayer - it allows you to check your own heart. Christ didn't die for "good people" or even "good Christians." His blood was shed for all people so that they would have the opportunity to have their sins forgiven and stand before God pure.

  25. I have trouble feeling sorry or sympathizing when the problems appear to have been brought on by situations they chose to put themselves in. Kate by her actions seems to be focused on her career as a TV personality/author and not her family. I thought Jon had expressed his desire to end the show yet, here it is 4 months later and the show goes on, my guess not with Jon’s approval and If my wife spent 3 weeks of every month away on business with another man/body guard I would probably be upset myself, not sure I would look to my 23 year old babysitter for comfort though. Not sure what everyone else sees in Kate but to me she is not an example of a Christian mother or heck even a good mother.

  26. Reading through the comments I kept flipping back and forth on what I think about this situation. One thing is for certain - I worry about those children. However, as a parent, I know that I have made bad choices - knowingly and not - and these two parents are no different. I also believe that they love their children and even if they do make bad choices, their intent is not to hurt their children. I do PRAY that things will work out for this family, especially the children.

    PS - I am thankful I do not live my life under the watchful eyes of the entire world, just my Lord.

    ~DD in NC

  27. I'll continue as I have been doing for months praying for justice and peace for the children. I pray for God's mercy for the parents and what they have brought into their children's lives by their actions. God may deal with the parents as He sees fit. Far be it from me to suggest to Him what is appropriate for them at this point.

  28. WOW! I just read alot of peoples comments and that's crazy! When we first started hearing gossip stiring our family started praying for theirs. My kids and I have watched their show since the begining. It was nice to see another christian family be real and not ashamed to admitt we all have struggles. It just goes to show they must have been doing something right since satan won't leave them alone. We've been praying for protection for their family. Weather we ever find out the whole truth or not. It's none of our buisness. It is between man and God. People who have a house full of kids like we do can totally understand. I would suffer through fame for my kids to have a better life. And to those who say the kids are being exploited, that's lame. That's like saying the presidents kids are too or any other public figures kids are too. That's dumb. If you don't like it go focus on the kids in those 3rd world contries your so worried about. People are so mean and hateful sometimes. It's hard to say you would do things different from them since you don't really know what it like to be them. So all this to say YES I WILL PRAY FOR THEM! :) and all my other Brothers and sisters in christ who are struggling right now with hurt testimonies. (sorry for all the misspelled words short on time.)

  29. dodgrgb, it's certainly quite possible that this show was a gift from God to this family and the world influenced their decisions too heavily...thus "getting the blessing off the tracks."

    God's plans are so much larger than ours and our understanding. He can make something beautiful out of ours messes.

    Prayer is the only answer...all things will be revealed.

    DD in NC and Moira, bravo to you both! Well said.

  30. Anonymous, thanks so much for your words. Indeed, it's really none of our business to know anything about these folks but they have opened our lives up. Humans being humans want more than we are given every time. In this case, I pray we'll want to love them and pray for them more!

  31. Rick, thank you for reminding me of the best thing I can do for this couple...pray! I truly do hope they make it and can become a testimony about the power of God and what He can do for our families. I hope others will see Jon and Kate reunite and begin to seek the God that brought them back together. This society needs a reminder that divorce should not be the solution when a spouse is simply "unhappy". Thanks again for your uplifting comments.

    JR in SC

  32. Rick,

    The Bible says "A house divided shall fall." In this case, it's jon and Kate's house.

  33. Jon and Kate should pray for themselves. They put themselves in this position and they need to stop putting themselves in this position (STAY HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND GET THE HELL OFF TV) and fix their marriage. These are poor shillers that claim to be Christian.

  34. They need to turn off the cameras and work on their relationship! Praying for them.

  35. JR in SC, it's sad how often we forget the simple power of prayer. Praise be to God.

    Anonymous, Matthew 12:25 does say, "Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, 'Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.' But I don't think it wise for anyone to presume this couple is "divided" or anything else. This is where discernment and wisdom can grant a sea of understanding.

    YabbaDabbaDoo, I'm sure they do pray for themselves and their family. Again, what difference does it make whether they are the tooth fairy put themselves in "this position"? Prayer is not for the elite or the misfortunate.

    We also cannot pray for someone else unless we're willing for a change to start with us. If we are willing to be willing...prayer can do amazing things!

  36. It shouldn't matter if they put themselves in this "situation". God can bring them out and he can open their eyes to what is happening. Prayer is a wonderful idea. I am not on a tv reality show and I could use any extra prayer. Life is tough - and I think they started out with good intentions - they've just let things blind them along the way. We should definitely pray for them.

  37. What kind of baloney is this? I agree, Rebecca. A prayer schedule is ludicrous. Just pray already in the quiet of your mind. Who establishes a schedule to be made known? Smells of J&K ass-kissing.

  38. Of course, I'll pray for the Gosselins, as everyone should have a loving family, and theirs appears to be crumbling at the moment.

    Will I feel sorry for Jon and Kate? Not in the slightest. They did put themselves in this position, and I believe that there are consequences for your actions. Unfortunately, the consequences will now come down on their children, who did not ask for this at all, just as they didn't ask for their childhoods to be thrown away. It is incredibly sad that parents so little their children's privacy as to broadcast their lives across the nation. When they moved into the new house, Kate declared the master bedroom off limits to the children, saying the adults needed their privacy. What privacy? I and millions of others saw the kids' old bedrooms, and I've never met them?

    What will I pray for, for the Gosselins? I will pray that this travesty be taken off the air. Kate has said that the television show adds stress to their marriage. As a Christian woman, she should value her marriage far above any television show. I will pray that the children be allowed to live away from the harsh glare of stage lights. I cannot say whether it is better for Kate and Jon to stay together or to split up; I can say that this needs to be decided soon, so the children, who never asked for any of this mess can move on with their lives. And honestly? If I never found out what their decision was, because the show was off and they stopped doing interviews, I'd consider my prayers answered.

  39. Anonymous #1, Exactly, it doesn't matter if they put themselves in this "situation". That's like saying...sorry you fell in that ditch and broke your leg. Hope someone comes along and helps you! They should read Luke 10:29-37.

    Anonymous #2, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the schedule. If you read my previous statements, prayer schedules not only challenge and remind a person to plan during a specific time frame (in this case an hour) to pray for however long they wish but also the schedule can show what holes need to be filled so a cause as maximum prayer coverage.

    I didn't know Jon & Kate had a donkey but I have no desire to kiss it. :)

    Kerry, thanks for your thoughts. Ultimately, I pray that God's Will be done and He be glorified. People may not like the outcome of that but that's really the end goal...for people to get out of the way of God's plan and for his love and glory to be shown.

  40. Let's all remember these words: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

    We're human - and as such, we all make mistakes. Another adage: "To err is human - to forgive is divine."

    Jon and Kate (and their family) need our prayers. We should not judge them, lest we be judged. --- Whether we like it or not, God is watching us.

    Even though Kate's words and behavior may seem harsh, and even though Jon's behavior may be questionable, we need God's hand to steer them through.

    Prayer, please. That's the answer -- and love, love is always the answer.

    BTW, thank you, Rick, for this blog site. Maybe it will help all of us, in some small way (and small can get bigger), to be more gentle with one another.

    Peace, peace, peace, everyone!

  41. On the Gosselin's own website, Kate said last Labor Day that she intended to post a scripture passage devotional per week for a year. She (or whoever was hired to) has put up only seven. "Christianity" does not show at all in their actions, attitude, or priorities; I believe it is a pretense, trotted out to tug at the heartstrings of good people who support good causes and are too naive to see how the religious references are merely lip service, used to cultivate sympathy and elict donations. Pray for them anyway, especially the children, but to help break the trap they are in, don't contibute to their toxic situation by sending any money, buying their products, or watching the show. And write TLC (a Discovery channel) to tell them so.

  42. Hi Rick,

    I think it's wonderful that you're calling Christians to prayer for this family. Every person can use prayer, and with the amount of malice and hatred directed towards those in the media's eye, Jon & Kate's family could use an abundance more love and good will directed towards them.

    It's so easy to judge and to accuse, and so difficult to love, especially when we see people portrayed so negatively.

    Thanks, Rick. You're such an inspiration.

  43. My prayers are definitely for GOD'S *miraculous and unequal* healing touch for this family. But, in saying that, I also believe GOD expects us (encourages us/guides us--WHEN WE "LET" HIM!) to use the brains HE gave us to make important decisions and "smart" choices. Jon & Kate's initial intentions in beginning their show may have been to highlight their personal experiences in raising multiples and dealing with family life, in general. A most noble cause. However, now that this "fishbowl" lifestyle has brought them so much turmoil, negative attention, and problems ~ I hope/pray they will consider turning off the cameras (atleast for a bit) and concentrate on their marriage/family. GOD *WILL* BE WITH THEM, IF THEY OPEN THEIR HEARTS/MINDS AND ACCEPT WHAT HIS WILL IS.

  44. So can you point me to the non-judgemental prayer schedule for the "Octo-mom"?

    Yeahhh.. that's what I what I thought.

    Defending these people just because they claim they are Christian when it's obvious money and fame are their god is sad.

  45. Cora,

    Prayer and love are indeed the answers. If this blog can be of any help in reminding people of that, I'm blessed to have been vehicle for His glory!

    Anonymous #1,

    We all have intentions. Being in the online industry, it makes me cringe to have old information on a website...but that's just me. Perhaps that was Kate's original plan and it didn't happen. Just as simple as that. Again, I would advise caution in judging how someone else lives out their faith. Certainly, you should pray as you feel led. God's answer is always Yes, No, Wait/Maybe.


    Thank you but I would offer that you're an inspiration for your loving words. Be blessed!

    Anonymous #2,

    You are absolutely correct that God granted us brains to use and I'm certain Jon & Kate have been wrestling with many decisions. It certainly might be more productive for them to turn off the cameras. What's awesome about laying things at God's feet is that He will orchestrate things to happen if people are willing to be willing.

    Anonymous #3,

    I wasn't led to create a prayer schedule for Octo-mom. However, sounds like you might be. When someone brings a problem or suggestion to me, I suggest they have a solution because often they are best equipped to help the situation. Sounds like you should create that schedule for her. She's just as deserving of prayer right now!

  46. Stop watching the show so these 8 children can stop be exploited by their parents especially their Mother. Encourage their parents to counseling. Do research, blog-keep, if Kate doesn't have narcissistic personality disorder, then we all must be crazy. The churches need to stop giving this woman attention and money! Prayer, fine but she is conning them!

  47. I wish Jon and Kate the best and hope they are able to work through their differences for the sake of the children. The children are the innocent souls here and need both their mom and dad united in raising them. Best of luck and lots of prayers for couples in need.

  48. Jon and Kate are not perfect, and for those of you who think that we are "wasting our prayers on them" because they're not perfect, remember that none of us is perfect. If we shouldn't pray for someone just because they've made bad decisions, then we shouldn't pray for anyone. Sure, everyone needs prayer. Especially the "least of these". I am praying for the entire family because the holy spirit has led me to do that. If you don't feel led to pray for them and pray for others instead, fine. Just don't chastise those of us who are led. And, please, don't harden your hearts to not pray for someone just because they're not perfect! *praying for the Gosselins*

  49. Anonymous,

    Many thanks for inspired thoughts. They are point on! All of this reminds me of a devotional from this morning:

    "Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my sighing."
    - Psalm 5:1

    Have you ever caught yourself expelling a deep sigh of resignation after turning off the evening news? Or perhaps it’s more like a groan of exasperation. This beloved nation faces an uncertain future, and it’s easy to sometimes feel helpless and perhaps afraid. Helplessness, however, is a good place to begin any day.

    When King David was confronted by evil and felt he had no control over his circumstances, he turned his sighs into forceful words. Give ear. Consider. Listen. These were not demands born of disrespect, for David knew there was no one else he could turn to. He acknowledged God, "My King and my God." (5:2) There was no higher authority. David was confident, too. "You hear my voice." (5:3) Morning by morning the anointed king of Israel laid his requests before God.

    Take David’s example – meet God early, often and earnestly. Turn your sighs into words, confidently lay your requests before him, and wait in expectation…before turning on the TV or the radio.

    Recommended Reading: Psalm 5:2-12

  50. Jon and Kate are "divided" for sure. If you can't see it Rick, you need to open your eyes.

  51. Anonymous, thanks for your comment. Whereas it may be clear that we "think" we know what's going on with this couple, our thoughts are irrelevant. Kate's already indicated she feels they are "in different places" right now. That could be considered "divided," but labeling is irrelevant here. This is about sending some love and positivity to a couple in need of it.

  52. John and Kate have problems, just like the rest of the human race. God doesn't look on problems on a scale, like we do. Problems are problems and none is too big or small for God to care about, so the idea of not praying, just because they are not Katrina refuges in a shelter, doesn't hold water. It's an excuse not to have to defuse your anger, in order to pray. If we measured who was worthy of prayer, none of us would be prayed for or be praying for others. Thank the Lord it is God who holds that measuring stick and not us.

    We are called by God to pray for each other-for whatever reason the other needs prayer. Christians are supposed to be a body of belivers. So, when your hand starts to hurt, should you cut it off, or care for it. Think of it that way. It may not be your brain, having a stroke, but your hand is important to the body. We are all given importance by God and although we are none of us perfect, He doesn't choose to cut us away from Him. We need to follow His example and not cut away, just because we believe someone "messed up". We all do that. Christian's aren't perfect--just forgiven. That scale thing? That applies to sin too....God doesn't look at the severity of our sin to decide if we deserve His grace. The fact that we have sinned at all proves we don't--but He offers it anyway.

    Will I pray for John and Kate? I will and have been. I will also stop watching the show. Why? Would you keep giving someone you love poison, when you knew it was killing them? Same thing. We watch, TLC's ratings climb, the show goes on. That is the bottom line. Sometimes the people so close to the situation are the last ones to see themselves in the fire. We, as the viewers, are truly in some control of this show--if enough of us don't watch, it will be cancelled, and then maybe they can be forced to work on their relationship. If we watch, we enable all of it. It's called tough love and I think in this situation, it applies. Kate keeps saying, the show hurts them but that she has to hold onto it becuase it is her security. Well, maybe she needs to let that control (and the show) go and let God heal her--let Him lead. She sees pieces of the puzzle--he knows how it can all fit.


  53. Agmomof2,

    You've hit the nail on the head. "Kate keeps saying, the show hurts them but that she has to hold onto it because it is her security."

    God is our security and He will provide for his children if they seek Him. One could conclude from the above and similar quotes that Kate needs to completely place on the altar and let God resolve it. Maybe she has, maybe not...but that's what this blog post is all about - prayer for discernment and wisdom.

  54. If Jon and Kate want to save their marriage and their family, they need to do this: end the show and get off TV. Period. Then they can work on fixing their marital relationship and building a strong family with the eight children--and they can do it without a camera's eye intruding.

    We have known for nearly 40 years what happens when the unblinking camera eye is invited to observe a family. I'm old enough to remember when PBS (!) ran the series "An American Family," which is considered to be the forerunner of reality TV. Yes, it chronicled a family falling apart. The family may have been falling apart before the cameras invaded in 1971, but having the cameras there couldn't have helped.

    And, frankly, this family doesn't need prayer--the parents need good smacks upside the head and the CHILDREN need a "next friend" who will defend their legal rights. At present, nobody is looking out for the eight. There is no law in Pennsylvania that protects their privacy, so their most private moments can and are being filmed. (Would you like your child's time on the potty filmed for millions to see? Why yes, J&K+8 did!) There's no law that says how long they can be made to work (and YES, it is WORK) during the filming of the 40 or so "episodes" of the "season." And there is no law that gives the children any sort of financial interest in the proceeds from the show (allegedly $75,000 per episode, which works out to $3,000,000 per season).

    In short, they're being exploited by their parents, with the applause and encouragement of people like you, Richard. Jon may be your best friend, but you're doing him and the children a disservice by failing to point out to him that to those of us who live outside his (and your) "charmed" world, it looks like child exploitation all the way.

    To fix this situation, Kate needs to lose her sleek dye hairjob, miniskirt and high heels and return to her family. Jon needs to get a real job. The kids need their parents. The show needs to end, period.

  55. mirele,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

    You're statement that "this family doesn't need prayer" informs me you don't understand the power of prayer and don't believe that God can use people to "smack" folks upside the head. God can work out situations far better than we could possible construct.

    Now, I'm not advocating that people sit on their duffs and do nothing. As a previous commenter mentioned, God gave us brains to use and free will. Unfortunately, some people use both too much or to the extreme.

    You misunderstood the title of this post. Jon isn't my best friend, that was a quote from Kate. However, I'd enjoy being Jon's friend right now since it sounds like he really could use one. Someone who could encourage him, be real, offer reality checks, hang, and love his family. Kate has voiced her sadness in the media harassing the few friends that remain.

    We all need strong love sometimes. We all need prayer (and to pray) all the time. But more so, we all need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

  56. Pray for peace not greed. For the Love of God, this is satanic. You are supporting a greedy, self centered, trailer trash shrew who prostituted her family.

  57. Rick,
    God love everyone, but He prefers fruits of the spirit over religious nuts.

    What about people that pray and pray for something that never happens? What happened to the power of prayer there?

    Jon, Kate and all the kids need a break from this show. They need to put family first.

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  58. Anonymous #1,

    Yes, pray for peace.

    Anonymous #2,

    Whom are "religious nuts" and what constitutes being such?

    Indeed, God does love everyone but only those who have accepted Him can have spiritual gifts or fruits of the spirit.

    As for your question about prayers being unanswered, that would depend if the prayer motivated by holy or selfish desires. Again, God answers prayer in yes, no or wait/maybe. Somethings are not His Will or a part of His plan but we would never know this without taking the concern to Him and being willing to accept His outcome.

  59. God has a plan for us all. If it's not part of God's plan for Jon and Kate to continue with their show, how will God show them?

    By the way Rick, are you the author of "Beyond Morality?"

  60. Anonymous,

    He could show them in a number of ways that make the show impossible to produce. Ultimately, if Jon & Kate are seeking His peace about doing it or not and are really open to whatever God wants, they'll have a peace as to whether it should continue or not, or continue in its format.

    No, I only recently became aware of a Richard "Dick" Garner. 'Beyond Morality' begins: "Morality and religion have failed because they are based on duplicity and fantasy. We need something new..." Not certain, but it's likely he and I will disagree on some things.

  61. Some people have said that it's not worth it to pray for someone when you percieve that money and fame are thier gods. I feel that this is the opposite of the truth. I have felt very much that People who are great Christians almost need LESS prayer...I will be praying for JOn and Kate, and all their children, because they need it now. I will continue to hold them up in prayer because they wil continue to need it, for themselves, for their babies. Thank you for putting this out there, I was so sad reading all the hateful comments, and honestly wishing the best for these people. I almost feel like I know them, but wouldn't be sad with them leaving the show, if that's what they chose to do. God bless them.

    Thank you Rick for being so sweet in ths whole deal, and I think the way you respond to everyone is amazing, but esspessialy with the disenters. After all, it's easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar. I am so tired of all the bashing and hating everywhere on the internet. This was a breath of fresh air. I will be linking to you from my blogs.

  62. Mr. Garner: I'm of the Mother Jones school of prayer: "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." As far as I can tell, your call to prayer for Jon and Kate Gosselin is just a way to assuage your conscience for not really DOING anything for their children. I noticed that you didn't even go anywhere near addressing the blatant exploitation of the children by their mother and father in the name of publicity, television time and cold hard cash. Nor did you note that we, as a society, have a lot of experience over the last 40 years with so-called "reality show" programming.

    As a former Christian, it astonishes me that "Christians" would continue to promote this poisonous trash masquerading as a family life, given the fact that the reality show world is littered with crash and burns all over the place. Have you watched this show? However, if you're wanting to demonstrate how fake, plastic and out of touch with reality so many Christians are, then go right ahead and encourage this. As far as I'm concerned, Jon and Kate Gosselin are Exhibit A on how incredibly unhealthy the so-called "Christian life" can be. (When was the last time you saw them sit down and tell a Bible story to the kids? Yeah. Right.)

    Seriously, these people need to be off TV and into counseling yesterday.

  63. Shara,

    Thank you for your encouraging words and kind support. May you have a wonderful weekend under His grace, mercy, and love.

  64. Mr Garner,
    I myself am not a christian. Not really religious in any way honestly. But I do believe that your thoughts here are closer to how I am feeling than anything I have read about this couple so far. They are hurting and struggling and have clearly lost their way.
    And it's funny because if it is all a big scam I believe they deserve my sympathy as much as if it's all true.
    It does not hurt me at all to wish them well, refuse to be party to gossip and direct positive and loving thoughts towards their family.
    I applaud your effort to live your life with kindness.

  65. I mistakenly thought this couple was all about the kids, but it seems now that it is all about the money. This breaks my heart. Jon needs to go back to a career where he can get out of the house and find some identity and Kate needs to raise her eight children that she so desperately wanted! I am so weary of hearing about "doing the show, book signings, speaking engagements, etc., so Kate can provide for her children. God will provide for their children. Parents have raised large families for decades without all of the above. These children do not want all of the things, they want their parents and they want them together. I cannot believe these two would be so blinded and self-centered to break up this family. And whatever example they had hoped to be to other families...well, what can I say?
    I am praying for this family, that God will open their eyes and wake them up to what they are doing to their children. This very thing happened between my own parents years ago. My mother began traveling with her career and became very successful. My father stayed home and began to drink and both eventually had affairs. We four girls lost our happy childhood and our lives were changed forever. I had the same choice to make years ago with my own family. God asked me to give up a very successful career to come home and raise my own children. Thank God He enabled me to be obedient and I have never regretted it for a minute. My daughters have become women that I know they would not have become if I had been distracted with other things, especially making money. Thank you Heavenly Father for intervening in my life and would You please be as merciful to Jon and Kate and get their attention before it is too late.

  66. I mistakenly thought this couple was all about the kids, but it seems now that it is all about the money. This breaks my heart. Jon needs to go back to a career where he can get out of the house and find some identity and Kate needs to raise her eight children that she so desperately wanted! I am so weary of hearing about "doing the show, book signings, speaking engagements, etc., so Kate can provide for her children. God will provide for these children. In fact, these children really belong to Him anyway. Parents have raised large families for decades without all of the above. These children do not want all of the things, they want their parents and they want them together. I cannot believe these two could be so blinded and self-centered to break up this family. And whatever example they had hoped to be to other families...well, what can I
    say? My parents went through a similar situation years ago. My mother's career became very successful and my father stayed home and began to drink. They both eventually had extramarital affairs. I am not saying this has happened with Jon or Kate, I am just saying this kind of set up can be very dangerous. I also faced this kind of decision many years ago. God asked me to give up my own successful career to come home and raise my own children. I am so thankful that God enabled me to be obedient. I have never regretted it for a minute. My daughters have become beautiful, Godly women that I know they would not have become if I had continued to be distracted by making money. May God be as merciful to Jon and Kate and get their attention before it is too late.

  67. mirele,

    Thank you, again, for sharing more of your insights.

    The dead do not need our prayers for they have already chosen their final destination.

    As stated previously, my call for prayer is to focus some positive energy on this subject but more importantly because this couple, their marriage, and their children need it.

    As for the "blatant exploitation of the children" that I haven't touched upon, while I cannot honestly say I've watched every episode, I do not see these children being exploited.

    To be clear, my faith has not blinded me to what is clearly evident to you. You and others are entitled to their opinion of this exploitation. I'm not disagreeing that the show should end, regroup, or alter it's programming. I'm open to whatever helps this family best.

    To me, exploitation of children is defined as requiring children to perform a certain task or scene over and over to meet a standard; forcing children to awake consistently early or remain awake long hours; altering a child's schedule to consistently meet an expectation or demand; and other such instances that would be physically and emotionally draining to children.

    What I see is a small television crew documenting what happens with this family with mostly quality video and audio (sometimes not) and mostly observing events unfold. Rarely have I seen the children interact with the cameras or crew. They're focused on playing, surroundings, siblings, or parents. Most children experience 1/10 of what these kids have experienced in their preschool years. Will they remember much of it in years to come? Maybe. Has it changed their view on life permanently for the negative or positive? We cannot say but they have experienced a great deal of life. One fact is that there's miles of video of their childhood that a large family could never hope to collect.

    Having worked in TV production and marketing for 10 years, there's a great deal taped but never edited and preparation is done by the crew to get the most successful footage.

    It saddens me that you feel Christians are "fake, plastic, and out of touch with reality" and that a Christian life is unhealthy. This conveys to me that either you didn't experience a true conversion (of accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and turning your life over to Him) or if you had such an experience your spirit was crushed by some people and experiences that didn't nurture your new faith.

    Matthew 13:3-9 "A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. He who has ears, let him hear."

    This parable from Christ illustrates what will happen with the faith that is seeded in people. I pray that you would return to His table.

    As for Christians promoting this show, I know of no organized Christian movement to support the show. But if enough people are praying for Jon & Kate to know what's best for them and the children, that's all that matters.

    While it'd be wonderful to "see" the children exposed to Bible stories, it would be very presumptuous to blatantly say that it doesn't happen. If the show's producers are trying to focus on more mainstream content such taping would "fall to the editing floor."

  68. Mirele,
    Very well put. This show needs to end. The sooner the better.

  69. Anonymous,

    While you may not have accepted Christ as your Lord & Savior, I applaud your efforts to focus on kindness and love. Thank you. May you come to fully understand His love, grace, and mercy!


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts tonight. "God will provide for their children. Parents have raised large families for decades without all of the above." Yes, exactly! Your testimony here is WONDERFUL and very BEAUTIFUL. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it. A true example of how being obedient can alter the course of a life to better that life and those that come in contact with that life. Praise God! May you continue to experience His blessings and love!

  70. Mr. Garner, You say that the dead have already chosen their final destination. You are wrong, they didn't have a choice. Who would chose to be dead? That's God's choice.
    I don't think that you are seeing the full picture about child exploitation. I think you need to do some research on it. Perhaps you should visit Paul Petersons website.
    As far as Jon and Kate go, thy are loving money more than their children. Just wait till those children are old enough to write a book about their childhood.
    God bless.

  71. Anonymous,

    Thank you for your thoughts. By the time we die, we have had a choice: to choose God and internal life...or to choose death and eternal damnation. It's that simple. So, at death, the choice indeed has been made.

    I will examine the website.

  72. Mr. Garner,
    I should have given you Paul Petersen's website, sorry. It's
    He does talk about the Gosselins.

  73. The Kids needs prayers more than anything. Even though Maddy is so like her mom. But she doesn't know what her dad "JON" did and done to cause the family to soon become a "D-I-V-O-R-C-E-D" family. You could tell from the time Jon got caught with another women. He hardly doesn't talk much during the interviews on the show now unless Kate is looking at him or saying stuff to make Jon talk.

  74. Mr Garner,

    I have to say it is very refreshing for me and other people who truely like the Gosselins see something positive being said about them during this time. I really hope they can work through this and have been praying for them even before I discovered you were doing this. They are GOD loving people and as long as they stay with him they can work through this. No one including GOD every said it would be easy but if the do not loose their faith they can over come all this neagtive stuff and move forward together as a couple and family stronger then before. But I do agree some time away from the spotlight will do all of them some good. Even though I have enjoyed their show there are times when I think things could be handled differently. But I was told till you can walk a mile in that persons shoes then do not judge them.

    God Bless.

  75. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the link. When you shared it I was already reviewed Paul's personal ( and advocate sites. There's a lot of great info to consider, no doubt. The one quote that jump out me was this one: "I support children working in the entertainment industry, but parents need to understand that there is a history and predictable consequences to life in the arts and rather than thinking they [the parents] are smarter than us, they ought to talk to us! A Minor Consideration offers its services free of charge and has been doing so for 18 years. We want children and their families to be safe."

    Ultimately, beyond the laws and other legal matters, child actor parents must be actively involved in protecting their children. As Paul points out, the issue isn't children being actors but their childhood being abused. Plus, seeking resources to prepare parents for guiding their children is wise.

  76. Jon if you read this keep in mind if you and kate do split. It will take the effect on the kids. They will need you and kate. So you might need to be thinking about the mess that you had caused. Because once your Divorced then you and Kate will have to Decide on who gets who (the kids).

  77. Anonymous #1,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I would suggest not assuming this couple is getting a divorce unless they share this directly. Indeed, the children do need prayers but Jon & Kate's marriage can still be rebuilt if they are willing to be willing...both with their marriage and show.

    Troubled Angel,

    Thanks for your kind words. Indeed, judging is so easy to do but that's not what this family needs right now. Keep the prayers going!

    Anonymous #2,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Jon has already stated that he did not cheat on Kate and is very sorry for the awkward position he has placed his family in.

    I would suggest sticking with those facts and mark everything else as gossip.

  78. OK.. i just wasted about 12 minutes of my life reading this blog. Almost everyone who has written in with their unwanted opinions come across as real idiots. First of all, GET A LIFE.. Most of you writing in response to this man's blog are; friendless, uneducated, unemployed losers, who have nothing better to do then sit around your trailor and critisize others. I bet most of you have less than 10 teeth, and can't name the capitol of your inbreed state. The guy who started this prayer circle at least has good intentions. What do you have? besides crabs? To all you haters out there....your just jealous, that unlike you, this family was able to make a bad situation good? while providing for a large family. Before you critisize anyone else's lives..take good look at your own. Cause it ain't worth a damn

  79. Rick, I think your comments about child exploitation as referenced and in relation to the Gosselins are naive. Please put a little more thought into this. The Gosselins are of the same faith as you; they would benefit from your educated insight into the true impact of what is occuring on the show with regard to their children. Their everyday lives are disrupted and disrupted greatly. If J&K are reeling under the stress of photogs and boom mics, how do you think the children feel on a consistent basis? Jon is admittedly quite stressed and is having trouble coming to grips with it all; how can we expect the children to NOT feel stress or to have any idea how to healthily process much of what is happening to them? The children desrve their privacy and a more normal childhood.

    Cherie Richards

  80. I would like to add that there is a difference between judgment and discernment. One is healthy; one is not. One can hurt; one can heal. You are in a position to discern and aid healing by objectively saying what is so without blame or judgment. I'm all for positive energy/prayer but the earlier poster is correct that action is also required. If the parents are unwilling or unable to do what is in the best interests of the children/family, the community can come to the fore and make a difference.

  81. Mr. Gardner, in one of your comments to a group of posters, you made the statement: "Kate has also canceled her next several booked appearances to be at home with the family."

    Yes, Kate did cancel several book appearances and yes, she's spending time with her family -- SHOOTING EPISODES OF THEIR TV SHOW, which she's done from less than 8 hours after returning home from her last engagement. That is hardly a woman who is devoting her time to working on rebuilding her family.

    I do pray for the children's health, well being, and happiness daily. The parents - I pray for their forgotten souls, as they seem to have forgotten that at one time theirs was full of joy, love, compassion, and thanked the Lord for his blessings. What they're thanking Him for now is the money they're able to make off of the tv show Kate refuses to give up.

  82. Anonymous #1,

    I appreciate your support but not at the cost of putting down others with name-calling and other negative comments. While you nor I may agree with many of the statements here, all have the right to share their thoughts.

    Cherie Richards,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I pray these thoughts make it to the eyes and ears of the Gosselins. Children are also far more resilient than adults at change and variety. They would be damaged more from Jon & Kate getting divorced than a camera crew. Children do deserve privacy and a healthy childhood...although some people's definition of normal is different. Indeed, it's perhaps easier for us on the outside to have discernment. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. We and the community can help but your words thoughts are leaning to forceful removal and that's an option only if lives are truly in jeopardy. Also, the implication is like many's understanding of prayer...if God doesn't answer me how or when I want, I'll take care of it myself. God has a wonderful way of bringing resolution to situations through His people both directly and indirectly. Who knows what the coming days holds? God does.

    Anonymous #2,

    Thank you for sharing your views. Perhaps you are point on about Kate's schedule but did you hear this directly from her? Did you read her calendar? Or did you surmise this from reading material online? to working on rebuilding her family. Your prayers are point on. May His Will be done.

  83. I came across this blog and think it is a great idea. About a week or two ago I had a strange dream about the Gosslins though I dont remember it I woke up feeling the need to pray for them and felt such a sadness for them.
    You made a comment to someone that "if" they were both willing... that is the key there. From what we have seen they may be Christians but not strong ones and this show has just about destroyed them. It seems Kate is fighting hard to keep this program alive at ANY cost! As a Christian she should make a relationship with the Lord her priority. They both need accountability in their lives and "parents in the Lord" to help guide them. The thing is they have to be willing to submit to that.
    I just moved near the Hershey area and also met a couple in their early 30's from another state that moved here recenlty that are expecting a baby. She was in the Hershy Med Center and told me the nurses told her she was in "Kate's Room" that Kate had the babies in. She told me the nurses had worked with Kate in the past (Kate is a nurse) and had nothing nice to say about her. This young woman never watched the show before so she didnt know or have an opinion. Since that time she met someone else in close contact with Kate and said some things that were similar. That was sad to hear people talk like that and I figured it was just jealousy until all this stuff...
    The thing is their relationship with the Lord is what really needs to be grounded at this time. They need to ask themselves and ask the Lord what HE wants them to do at this time. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and HE will lift you up. We dont have to lift ourselves.

    Please Jon & Kate, get honest, forgive yourselves, each other, your children, family and anyone else. Let jealousy and greed go, get real with the Lord because he sees it all anyways and still loves you. Allow yourselves to be broken before the Lord. Humble yourselves and get help before it gets worse and you live lives of bitterness and anger. It's the enemy of your souls that would keep you from humbling yourselves to get help. You two can make it and be an example to many if you choose to let the Lord work in your lives. No, it's not easy but it is possible and the rewards will be greater than any money you could ever get from this show!

    Pray they will not harden their hearts but allow the Lord to soften them!

  84. Anonymous,

    Fantastic comment! Thanks for sharing! The key here is that regardless of one's faith maturity no one is infallible. More often than not, it's a slow fade into sin if one isn't focused on Christ and becomes distracted by the world. One day, one can wake up and wonder how they got so far from God. He doesn't abandon us, we walk away. May God soften all our hearts to the concerns of those around us.

  85. How about they stop trying to pretend to be christians and act like it.

    Obviously the show was good while it lasted, it gave you the money you needed to provide for your family.

    Rich Mullins. He gave EVERYTHING he made away to charity besides 28,000 a year, the average income of an american. He didn't buy a 3 million dollar mansion for his children because the "deserved" it.

    Stop patrionising them. Their greed has already done enough damage to the children.

    Pray for the children. And that the parents stop pretending and get saved.

  86. Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I shared in response to the last comment, anyone can lose their way regardless of whether they have faith or not. We shouldn't condemn but challenge and offer compassion.

  87. Rick,

    There's so much I can comment upon here, but I will restrict myself to two things.

    One: the exploitation of the children

    I flatly disagree with you that these children are not being exploited. The "season" has 40 episodes. If each episode is 22 minutes, then that's 880 minutes of finished film that has to be prepared, or 14.7 hours. Even more has to be shot to get that 880 minutes. What that means is that the kids are constantly being shadowed by a film crew. When Kate took the kids to the party store to buy supplies for their party, a film crew and the bodyguards went along. When the kids actually had their "birthday party" (a week after their real birthday, btw), the film crew was there. Kate herself has said that the crew is there three days a week. This is more than just yanking out a videocam to get pictures of your cute children--a lot more.

    As for your comment about the miles of video these children have had filmed about them and how wonderful it is--really, now? You know, when kids are filmed being sick on the concrete floor of their laundry room, or when Jon is relieving a child's impacted bowel on camera, do you HONESTLY think that at age 13 or 15 or 21 that the particular sextuplet in question is going to want someone reminding them of that? This is not the cute baby bearskin rug picture that your dad shows your prom date while you stand there, red-faced. This is hundreds of thousands of DVDs of your most embarrassing toddler moments, selected by someone for their *entertainment value* in the hands of people who have never met you. Talk about an invasion of privacy and without your consent! (A five year old cannot consent to an invasion of privacy if s/he has no idea what it means since they've had cameras shoved in their faces since they were babies.)


  88. (continued)

    Two: Christians and Christianity

    I would like to point out that I did not tar all Christians with the "fake and plastic" moniker. I said "many" were and I used Kate Gosselin as an example. The fact is, her books are published by a Christian publishing house and she has promoted herself in the recent past in churches, telling her story and signing pictures for $20 a pop. There may not be an organized Christian movement behind the Gosselins, but it surely looks to me like the Gosselins are definitely trying to take advantage of Christianity for their own benefit.

    As for my own personal story, I knew that if I told you I was a former Christian, I'd get the response you wrote. I really liked (NOT) how you psychoanalyzed me at a distance--either I wasn't a True Christian or my spirit was crushed by my newfound faith. This is the kind of thinking that makes me want to do a *headdesk* over and over and over again due to the sheer shallowness of your assumptions.

    You seem to think that I was a Christian not for very long--try 30+ years before I finally gave up. (And that's from age 15 onward.) And this was no half-hearted thing either, I really trusted in Jesus as my Lord and Savior--and then I really started thinking about the implications of same.

    This is frankly more than you deserve to know, but since you have this idea in your head that those of us who walk away from the faith are somehow shallow, I'll go ahead and tell you. I left for many reasons, but here are two of them: 1) I decided that I could no longer accept that God the Father required the bloody human sacrifice of Jesus to appease Him of our sins. (This is to say nothing of the inter-Trinitarian convolutions required in this action.) To me, it looks like child abuse on a cosmic scale. No. Thanks. 2) I grew annoyed with the absolute insistence within the Christian community with identification of God with a particular human sex to the exclusion of the other. What this gets us is one sex (male) set up as the Image of God and the other sex (female) set up as wholly other. This kind of thinking leads to women being vilified from early on as Eves and temptresses and certainly not really in God's image. There's so much more that could be said on this subject, going to the roles women are expected to play within the church community and how women who don't follow those roles are treated, but that's not my purpose here.

    I went into this just so you absolutely understood that my departing the faith once for all given to the saints was not because I'd never really been saved or because I'd had my spirit crushed. No, I thought about this a lot, probably too much and I could no longer live with the contradictions. What I hope you'll take away from this is not to casually make the kind of judgment you did of me to others in the future.

  89.'re not kidding that this has taken on a life of it's own, Rick! There's some really twisted people out there and many of them found your blog site and commented! Wow!

    To me, bottom line is this. LOVE. God says at our core that LOVE is what's called for. He also knows that we are sinful and that we let other money, family, greed, pride...get in the way of being loving toward one another. Not only have Jon and Kate struggled with this, but also many of the people who have commented here about refusing to pray for them are struggling with it as well. How is that refuse to pray for the parents, but lavish your prayers on their kids? That's NOT loving. That's prideful and judgmental.

    Yes, I will pray for them. Thanks for the call to support this family. Very loving!


  90. mirele,

    Hewbrews 13:20-21 "May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen."

  91. Angie,

    Thanks as always for your support and thoughts. This is just a peek into the world that's around us. But more so it's a great example of how easily we can get off track whether that's with our faith, parenting, love...anything. If we take our focus off Christ, the world will slowly devour.

  92. Doesn't the Lord help those who help themselves? If the pressure of the show is destroying Jon and Kate Gosselin's marriage - aren't they obligated to do more than just pray?

    Am I supposed to pray that Jon and Kate should be able to continue to not work and parade their children on tv for money? Because really, aren't they obligated as *parents* to support their children, and not the other way around? What exactly have these people done other than pop out six kids in a litter? When did having eight children mean that both parents had to quit their jobs and devote their days to raising children? I know plenty of families with eight and MORE children, and all of them have at least one parent who has a job, and none of them resort to pleading in public that *eight* children make it impossible for them to work. Because that's why they do the show - its supposedly impossible in our world for a couple to support eight children in a family without resorting to turning to reality tv. I'm sorry - I'm not seeing why the Gosselins deserve to not work for a living, and get tons of free stuff because they figured out how to have babies. Maybe if these two devoted more of their time to working, and less to begging for handouts on a tv show, they might not be in the position they are in.

    I pray the Gosselin parents see that they are making the guardians of the Dionne Quintuplets look like good people.

  93. Rick,

    Please remove all of my comments from this blog entry. I'd remove the comments myself but it appears I don't have that ability. I did not spend my hard-earned time writing what I did to be blown off by someone who thinks he can either psychoanalyze my reasons for leaving the faith, or, when that fails, put up a Bible verse as a brushoff. If you can't confront the fact that there are those of us out there who have thought very deeply about the faith and who have left in tears when belief finally failed, then, frankly, I don't want my writings gracing your blog.

    mirele aka Deana M. Holmes

  94. Anon,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Actually, the phrase "God helps those that help themselves isn't a Scripture verse nor is it Biblical in origin. It's from one of Aesop’s fables, of the 6th century B.C. entitled "Hercules and the Waggoner":

    "A Waggoner was once driving a heavy load along a very muddy way. At last he came to a part of the road where the wheels sank half-way into the mire, and the more the horses pulled, the deeper sank the wheels. So the Waggoner threw down his whip, and knelt down and prayed to Hercules the Strong.

    'O Hercules, help me in this my hour of distress,' quoth he. But Hercules appeared to him, and said: 'Tut, man, don’t sprawl there. Get up and put your shoulder to the wheel. The gods help them that help themselves.'"

    So, "the gods help those that help themselves" morphed into "God helps those who help themselves" throughout time and people of all faiths often quote this phrase thinking it's in the Bible. Instead, it came from pagan mythology.

    Consider this from the Scriptures:

    Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

    What's so difficult is for us to trust and believe. To actually exercise patience. Instead, it's seemingly easier and faster to look to our own understandings.

    Anon, you should pray (or not) however you are led. There are enough people out there criticizing this family for their choices, income, parenting, and even Kate's hairstyle. Instead, I'm challenging everyone to pray for their marriage and this family...that whatever or however the scenario concludes, they will experience love and happiness that we all can experience in Christ.

  95. Well, all these comments have certainly been interesting to read. Rick and I don't even have the "fancy" cable at our house allowing us to watch TLC. It really is as simple as we feel a need to pray for this family - parents and kids - no matter what.

    Kim Garner

  96. Rick, perhaps people are criticizing these parents because there is something to criticize? Are you familar with the Dionne Quintuplets?

    I will pray those children aren't completely messed up after spending their childhood on display for money.

    I'm curious as to why you won't address why Kate and John shouldn't be helping themselves. Is living off the money their toddler children earn for having the special talet of being born at the same time really something we want emulated?

    I know I know, you don't even watch the show since you don't have the fancy cable. Maybe you should. Seriously. Watching those children have their privacy ripped from them while their parents insist they *have to* do the show because no one can expect them to work, and then seeing these parents lauding as fine Christians has shaken my faith.

  97. Deana,

    In no way did I wish to offend, frustrate, or brush you off with the Scripture reference response. Indeed, you have taken time to explain your views on child actors and Christianity very thoughtfully. I'm thankful to have those words as part of this discussion.

    For me, consulting Scriptures is a part of my life and where can be found a wealth of insights still applicable to today. Those are the things that I wish for you whether you accept it or not.

    If I'm understanding your insights correctly, it seems to me that your reasons for leaving the faith are: 1) Because you disagree with why Christ had to die on the cross and 2) Why God should be referred to as a male. Would you mind explaining to me why you believe these two points?

    I don't wish to delete your posts since I only make a habit of rejecting comments that are completely off topic or vulgar. But if this is your wish, I will gladly do so to honor your request. Regardless, I would like to continue a dialog with you offline if possible to better understand your beliefs.

  98. Regardless of feelings & thoughts on Jon and Kate, I think everyone can agree that those children need prayers.

    Also, the whole family is experiencing a rough time and no matter who is to "blame," it is a horrible situation for all involved. No one should hope for a family to fall apart, even if "they brought it on themselves." If you can get past the specifics and just look at the broader picture, that this family (however "superficial" you might think it is) is in crisis and in pain, you may be able to have a little more empathy.

  99. I agree that discernment is indeed easier when you are outside the situation. That is where spiritual people such as yourself can aid the Gosselins. They may listen to someone like you who shares the same religious beliefs.

    I am in no way advocating removal of the children from the home. That is not what I mean when I refer to the community coming to their aid. By community, I am refering to spiritual leaders such as your self who might advocate that they stop the production to concentrate on what is right, true and positive: love, family, faith, and friends. Jon stated much the same in the teaser for the show that is being shown right now. I do not think them unfit parents. I view them as seriously misguided. I think fame has turned their focus away from what it used to be (shown in earlier episodes) and toward all that corrupts: money, fame, attention, material things (shown in current episodes). I do believe Jon gets that and is very unhappy. While prayer is powerful and positive; action can also be taken by enlightened spiritual leaders who are willing to stand up and say what is so. Yes, children are resilient, but that doesn't mean they should have to keep living this life.

  100. It's sad that all these children have known is camera and camera crews. This is not the childrens choice, but Jon and Kate's choice. Parents are suppose to protect their children and give them privacy. The Gosselin children have no privacy. The fruits that Jon and Kate are sowing are sour. They are a modern day Jim and Tammy Bakker.

  101. Anon,

    Perhaps people are criticizing them because it's easier to criticize than critique. There's a difference. Criticizing is always negative. Critiquing can be all positive or have negative points with positive aspects. Critiquing is meant to help. Criticizing is meant to hurt.

    I wasn't familiar with the Dionne Quintuplets until researching them. Fascinating and sad. However extreme it may seem to compare the Dionnes to the Gosselins, I can easily see where you're making the comparison as the Gosselin children are seemingly on display for all to see at any given time.

    Praying for the children's well-being is absolutely wonderful.

    As for Jon & Kate "helping themselves" it would appear your concern is that they are not working a "normal job" and they are making a career off their children.

    As Jon has said, "the show is our life and our life is the show." This provided them much needed income with Kate staying home. As time went by, Jon came home, too. As the show has grown in popularity, some things are only logical to happen: speaking engagements, books, book signings, more speaking engagements, photo shoots - a multitude of things that revolve around marketing a national/global television show.

    To me, there was no choice but to focus on this show as a business. However, where the train got off the tracks was seemingly not being willing to give it up. Jon seems to be, Kate does not. She can't be condemned for thinking that way...many of us have been unwilling to do something that the Lord wanted us to do.

    Indeed, we don't have full cable, however, I've seen nearly every episode either by watching them or having it in the background thanks to Netflix.

    As for Jon & Kate shaking your faith, all I can say is that no person or persons should ever come between one and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There will always be people whose behavior you disagree with but your compass is the unchanging Word of God. Align things with Scripture and you will always come out on top.

  102. Cherie,

    Thanks for sharing more insights into your thoughts. I'm also blessed that you consider me a spiritual leader. While I would love to befriend this family, God has not opened that door, yet. Perhaps they and/or TLC will find this blog post and some of these words will bring enlightenment and encouragement. Forcing an opportunity to happen never plays out well...but not taking advantage of an opportunity means the chance may never come again in the same way.

    God can use many people directly and indirectly to help Jon & Kate. Ultimately, they have to be willing to be willing - to hear, to listen, and to act.

  103. Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. But I would question "all these children have known is camera and camera crews." They have been exposed to many great experiences and they consider these crews family. One wonderful thing is that mostly the same crew has been on this project. That's unheard of in my TV industry shows. Crews rotate out like a revolving door yet what makes this crew different is at least the same sound and video techs have been assigned.

    You are correct, this is Jon & Kate's choice. Good or bad. And while we may disagree with it and how they are raising their children, it's their choice. Our part is to pray for their safety and peace.

  104. Thank you Richard for hearing me out.

    I'd like to recommend this Christian Post weblog:

  105. Rick,
    Your information about the camera crew is wrong. The camera crew that jon and Kate used to have went to work with the Duggar's. Now the Duggar's are a wonderful Christian family that I love to watch. They are just the opposite of Jon and Kate. Michelle and Jom Bob truly love each other and their children.

  106. Cherie,

    You're very welcome and thanks for the link, I'll check it out.


    This information was true for several seasons which is still unusual. I'm not surprised they've been assigned to other projects, this is typical for any crew more usual for a crew to remain the same. Indeed, the Duggar's are different in many ways from the Gosselin's. I find it fascinating that this family has received little to no press - positive or negative - and yet they have children in the spotlight.

  107. Wow, there are so many different reactions, so many different views and different opinions. That is, in effect, what "The People" have a right to and a right to either tune in or turn off. It is also what a TV show is hoping for when they put something on the air or a tabloid/magazine/newspaper wants when they start up the presses.
    I can see where in the begining, for this family, they wanted to share their lives with us, share their moments and share raising their children. I think as time went on and things evolved, so did the Parents and the folks producing the show. Everyone changes and grows in life, that is just the way it is, maybe the G's just lost a little focus along the way. Maybe they need some direction back to the goal. I don't know, I don't walk in their shoes. On the other hand I also do feel a bit like they put themselves in the situations they've found. After all, you all know the old saying, the road to hell was paved with good intentions.
    We, personally, have a quiet chaos here at home. We have 16 children and we "work" at it every day. My husband says that by far, the "job" here at home is so much harder than any he has to step out the door to. We are an active duty Army family, so we have plenty to juggle each and every day - as if having a large family wasn't enough by itself.
    But, at the end of every day, we all have each other and that's what counts most to us.
    I pray for all families, we all, in one way or another, need support, love and help. I hope they find a clear view of their original reason for a having a show in the first place and why they still do have a show. - Family and Love.

  108. Rain,

    Family and love = what life's all about. :)

  109. I think the best things we can do for this family are (in order): Pray and Watch something else.

  110. What a glorious blessing! Every hour of every day Monday through Sunday has multiple people praying for the Gosselins. If only for a few minutes, the fact that this family is being bathed in prayer around the clock will be such a great blessing to those praying and certainly to the Gosselins as they begin a new season of their show.

    Please stay strong and remember them today, tomorrow, and the coming days. Remember, before wishing to pass along judgment or gossip...humble yourself and pray.

  111. Kate is a shrew and is money hungry. You shouldemt worship people as an idol people. Kate doent want her marriage to Jon.

  112. I'm glad this was started. The family needs support. I am a fan of the show and love them both and hope they can work this out for themselves and the kids.

    Best of luck to them and my heart goes out to them both!

  113. “Oh Kate – I am just so so pleased to see you blogging!!! I can’t tell you the delight my blogging about you and your wonderfully wonderous life has brought to my own life!!!
    Where I was lost, you helped me turn my whole world around and gave me purpose and reason to believe that despite those nasty mean old naysayers and that ugly old devil out there determined to rule the world, women like us who know who we are and where we’re going will win out every time.

    Keep your chins up girl!!! You got me on your side!!!

    Posted by: Baby Mama | 05/20/2009 at 08:02 PM ”
    5/21/2009 5:56 AM

    baby mama is an attacker her self she needs to worship GOD NOT KATE.

  114. Mr. Garner... These two need prayer every hour of every day, that is for sure. Jon and Kate have taken advantage of kind people like you for a very long time. I don't think they are the people they want Christians to believe they are. They are taking advantage of the word of God. They have gone to churches saying one thing and the minute they walk out the door they are doing something totally different. Did you know Jon said..." If you receive money from a 'church' you do not have to pay taxes on the money"...I think this is why they speak at churches. They are hiding from the tax man. Not very Christian like is it? They have lied, they have cheated, they have committed adultery, they have coveted thy neighbor, etc...Is that very Christian like? Face it Mr. Garner...they even fooled you.

  115. Anonymous #1,

    Indeed, people and money can become idols and both can be worshiped. Worshiping anything other than the one true God is a path to death. I caution you on presumptions unless you hear the words fall from Kate's mouth.

    Anonymous #2,

    Thank you. Please continue to pray.

    Anonymous #3,

    I suggest caution for seemingly claiming Baby Mama is worshiping Kate and not God. She's passionate about helping this family. God knows her heart.

    Anonymous #4,

    This couple hasn't fooled me.

    1 Corinthians 15:58 says: "Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

    Even if they are the people you described at heart, praying for this family is not in vain. I caution you to pass judgment on this couple's actions and motives unless they have spoken these intents directly to you. God transforms the lives that are willing to be willing. Plus, those who would prey upon Christians have a history of getting their just reward.

  116. It's important to pray for all Christians and marriages that face the enemy every day. We are expecting our 7th blessing and have been asked by many if we would consider having our own reality show but we've declined. Our family has worked very hard to try and work our way out of debt, sold our house and bought a piece of land with a mobile home and began to teach ourselves how to live more simply and healthier. About a month ago we found out that our newest baby will need open heart surgery when she is born. Although we are thankful for insurance, we are still looking at about $8k in out of pocket expenses. And yet, we are not willing to open our lives for public critique and exploitation in order to receive money that would cover those expenses. We're trying to have a benefit/rummage sale and bake sale to cover some of the cost and perhaps a benefit breakfast also.

    There are MANY people that can use our prayers for lots of different reasons. We are certainly one family. I do pray the Gosselins will seek/are seeking the Lord for their lives and they themselves don't get caught up in the media hype and publicity. I'm also praying for so many people that don't have jobs right now and aren't sure how they are going to feed their families. I'm praying for the dozens of families we've met recently staying in Ronald McDonald houses, not sure if their children are going to survive. Any time we put ANYONE (Gosselins, pastors, celebrities, Christian speakers) up on a pedestal, they are going to fall. Nobody is perfect in this world. We all sin. I wish some people put in as much time into their own families as they did obsessing over others.

    Just keeping it real,

  117. Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt comments. You're absolutely correct, it is important that all marriage be lifted up in prayer. Congratulations on the wonderful blessing of your 7th child! Wow! Having one daughter is a blessing for us but when I think of parents with multiples, I'm amazed how they do it! LOL!
    I will be praying for your child's healing and medical attention. Please keep me informed.

    I applaud your efforts to use methods to help your family through bake sales and other means. We all have resources and talents at our disposal that we often don't utilize. Way to go!

    Debt-free, simply, healthy living is a goal we should all aspire towards! And while praying for others and focusing on jobs and other things can be important, you're right...devoting more time to our own families is always more rewarding!

  118. The anti-Gosselin people tend to say that the only solution would be for the Gosselins to cease, for people to stop looking at them or watching their show, and for an absolute blackout to be enforced upon them. Me, I've watched the show, I've enjoyed it, and I have nothing but positive thoughts for them. This media feed frenzy is disturbing, and people's cruel comments reveal more about their own spiritual state than it does about the Gosselins. Kate clearly could relax a little (pardon the understatement), but I hardly think we should send in the troops to put her out of commission.

  119. Rick, I continue to read this Blog to calm my nerves after reading the things that are said about this family. It comes with the territory that I myself, would be the subject of attacks as well. I'm sorry if you have ot deal with that here as well.

    I need to clarify: That comment Annon copied & pasted here was not written by me. I just wanted everyone to know that. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.

  120. Baby Mama,

    Glad this blog can be a calm oasis. :) Praise be to God for that for it is from Him that I find my strength calmness. Thanks for clarifying on the quote. It seems to me another example of such statements on news articles which elude to tonight's premiere episode as being the first where Jon & Kate are interviewed separately as if that's some scandalous thing. When in fact there's at least one episode I recall where they were separate due to scheduling.

    Opinions given as fact in online news should be labeled editorials.

  121. With all the 'real' problems we all have, as a society and as an individual, we keep fomenting gossip and giving jobs to magazine gossipers, while real jobs are being eliminated every day. Still, I see struggling families purchasing this junk at the grocery counters, instead of healthy food for their multiple kids waiting in the grocery cart. Why not spend our valuable time voicing our concerns for global issues? Why do we want to see this couple fail? Trying to raise one child alone and keep a marriage going is really hard, just imagine eight. This couple is smart, they are making an honest living and providing for their family. Maybe some don't approve of the method, but at least these kids will have the opportunity of going to an ivy-league school. How many eight-kid couples can do this? Let's just hope that their issues are resolved and that they can keep their kids off drugs and their relationship a civil one.


  123. Anonymous #1,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words on post. Much appreciated.

    Anonymous #2,

    Thanks for sharing this link. It's great to see another family making the best out of what they're given. The mother's best quote sums it all up: "That's why I don't judge people or their decisions.... You just do the best you can and keep going."

  124. After watching tonight's show, I'm not sure that there is any love there for Jon and Kate. I get the feeling that they have grown apart which I know does happen with couples. That's how life is sometime's. Perhaps it's not in God's plan for Jon and Kate to stay together. I just can't help but feel sorry for their eight children. I pray that those sweet children could lead a normal life without camera's in their face.

  125. Rick,
    I appreciate you doing this. I have watched the show since the beginning and have grown to love the Kate says, "warts and all". I watched tonight and felt so sad when the show was over. I truly think the power of prayer is awesome. I could see in both Jon and Kate's eyes a sadness that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I feel that they have both made we all have...and that they are suffering greatly now. I pray for peace for both of them. I pray for protection from the media for their precious little ones. Thanks again Rick!:-)

  126. Thanks for doing this Rick! I have watched the show since the beginning and feel like I know the family. I was so sad at the end of the show tonight. I could see the pain in both Jon and Kate's eyes. I wouldn't wish what they are feeling on my worst enemy. I truly believe in the awesome healing power of prayer. I will pray for peace for Jon and Kate and for protection for the sweet children. They have both made mistakes like all of us have, but are now paying dearly. I wish them both only the best. Thanks again for doing this Rick!!:-)

  127. I think what you are doing is wonderful and I will pray for them. I pray that our Lord will direct them in His true way, not societies.I watched their new show tonight and I just won't be watching it anymore. I just can't stand how Jon is being treated, sitting alone at "Their" kids birthday, being ignored by crew, Kate and even the children, and Kate wanting to be the center of attention, kissing all of them on camera, being all over them, and Jon not hardly being involved in any of it. Kate kept saying "My kids". I truly believe that now that the children have reached school age that for their sake and sanity that the show needs to be stopped. I know it's about the money and the childrens future, but look at what their future may be now, a split family, something our Lord does not want, and never does. I tried to understand her and her treatment of Jon through the shows but honestly I don't understand. It seems she has sold out her family for fashion and money and that makes me horribly sad, and so especially sad for the children. One thing I do believe is that Jon has been robbed of his dignity as a man, a husband and now a father. I'm sure he felt he was a true man when he was working and contributing to his families needs, now what does he have? I'm sure he's feeling like what am I showing my boys about being a man and being responsible as men as they grow. He did mention tonight that he only had a few more years to instill into them the truths about life, love, family etc, after that their personalities will be formed. She has always said that She wants her children to be able to take advantage of everything money has to offer, because she never had it, but at what cost? It's time they give all this up, the children are starting school, the twins already have problems with privacy, those precious children so need that privacy. We've all heard the stories about child actors and what happens to their lives. Their in school and pointed out by their classmates, now all those camera people. Their personalities will get all messed up, because all this will one day make them feel like they have to constantly perform and in that process they will lose who they really are. They deserve so much better than that. It's not only about good parenting, it's about the public getting inside of them. Once your children begin school you can find you as a parent losing a piece of them every day by the influence of their peers and a parent can protect them only so much. I saw that in my children and it sadden me so much as to how much influence what they were taught was compramized once they started school. I pray they will put God, their marriage, their family before everything, especially that "sick" need to get more and more notirity, fame and money. Sadly, I see those desires in Kate, not Jon.

  128. Rick,
    I so agree that our Lord can restore anything, also that He forgives everything and everyone if we turn to Him. Another thing the Lord does is He disciplines us. Even Christian wants to blame the enemy, when most of the time its our choices that change all those around us. He disciplines us in love and if we don't get it the first time, we go through it again and again until we learn. We don't flunk out of His classes because He won't let us, we just continue to go around that tree until we decide to change. Like everyone here, I am sure that becoming a celebrity would somehow change them unless they were on their knees everyday. I do think they made a wrong choice with this new season, but that's just an opinion, the Lord knows the truth, not me. I'll pray for them sincerely that they pull out of this for the sake of their marriage and those precious children. Being on camera week on end has to be hard on the children, no privacy at all. You can sense the older girls are being bothered by it. I just want those little one to have a fair chance at life and to not grow up believing they have to perform because that takes away their total personality. I know!! They are so beautiful, precious and most of all a miracle.
    Please, Jon & Kate, seek our Lord, mend your marriage and give all those precious miracles have a fair and loving shot at life, that's what they deserve. Material things seem like they help when you're young, but as one grows older you find that money and material things took my parents away from me. May our Lord have mercy on them and show them abundant grace beyond measure. Thats the true gifts, and we all need them too. Forgive us Lord for judging your children in every way. I know He will direct their paths, my prayer is that they will listen.

  129. Rebecca,

    Without seeing tonight's episode, I cannot offer direct feedback. However, I generally adhere to the principle that we as people walk away from God and we also walk away from our spouses. You're correct, couples can drift apart in marriages but more often it's just the currents of the relationship changing and we have to respond to those changes are be sunk.


    Thank you for your kind words. You summed up this effort and what we all should be doing very well.


    You've expressed your thoughts here nicely. Thank you. Simply put, this relationship is more complex that we know - as all are - and both are hurting. Working through that hurt individually AND together is crucial.


    Such wonderful words and insight. What a blessing. Thank you. It's always easier to blame someone else - including Satan and even God - for things that are circumstances of our own building. If we don't learn from a needed lesson, we will face it again and again. So, true.

  130. Rick, as a Christian I believe you owe mirele an apology. When will the Pharisees like you understand that what you're really saying when you answer genuine questions with smug condescension and rote repetition that what you're really saying is LA LA LA LA I DON'T HEAR YOU.

  131. Anonymous,

    Perhaps you missed my last response to mirele which was addressed to her real name of Deana?

  132. People who sell their souls for fame and money, and never think of the kids who never asked for either, deserve our pity and not our prayers. Any parents who prefer a bar night or a book tour instead of, I don't know, actually parenting, deserve nothing but the ridicule they've earned.

    I notice, when they're not charging $20 a pop for pictures, they're not exactly in church praying for themselves. Why should anyone waste their prayers on people who don't even want to take care of themselves?

  133. They and their children need our prayers.Kate and John must search their hearts,admit their mistakes and forgive if this marriage is to last. They need to fellowship with God, humbly asking for His guidance and His will for the direction of their family. Those children love both parents and they need them both in their lives daily.

  134. Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Do you attend their church? Are you aware of their schedule? Prayer doesn't only happen in church. Prayers can be shared anytime and anywhere. Everyone deserves prayer. If prayers were like our money and we only chose to spend where and when we wanted, what a sad world we'd live in.

  135. Anonymous,

    Amen! "They need to fellowship with God, humbly asking for His guidance and His will for the direction of their family." That's something we all need to do everyday.

  136. Rick, thank you for this post. I admired Jon and Kate when they first started their show because they openly acknowledged God's role in their family's life (eg. they developed a "mission statement")

    I'm praying that their family will be able to become closer to God again ...

  137. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your kindness. What a wonderful testimony they already have and could have by surrendering to His Will.

  138. YES, I will pray for this family. Thank you Rick for your servant's heart and willingness to do the work of the Father. I am appalled that people would even criticize praying for anyone. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PRAY, please post your comments and I will pray for your heart to be softened.

    God's will for this family may have been for them to be in the spotlight, however, sometimes we in our human state mess things up. I know that I fail almost every day as a wife and mother and I don't have cameras following me around. If a camera catches an angry word spoken to your spouse and later he/she watches it, how easy it would be for Satan to plant doubt in your spouse's mind. Once that starts, it is so easy to break a family apart.

    I have 5 children and I know how hard it is on a marriage to have small children. I often tell people that the hardest points in our marriage have been while our children were under the age of 5. We have been married 25 years and because of spacing that has spanned about 20 years of our marriage. I cannot begin to imagine the stresses of small children compounded to the degree that Jon & Kate have. Imagine the financial stress of having 8 children. Imagine laying in bed out night worrying about raising them. It would seem that it was God's blessing to be able to not worry because you have a television deal and you can move out of a small house and get some property for the children to run about and be kids. Imagine the stress of moving with 8 kids.

    Instead of criticizing this family, imagine that you can't even begin to understand what their life is like and you haven't walked a mile (or inch) in their shoes. Imagine when you are going through a difficult time, people refusing to pray for you because you created the situation. Imagine a world without compassion.

    Thanks again for the oppportunity to do something for someone else.

  139. While I can appreciate someone feeling moved enough to pray for other folks, I just don't get the idea of praying for two people who are just horrible examples of anything. Good luck with your project!

  140. Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, support, and for putting it all into perspective! Blessings to you and your family.

    Green Frosh,

    I would offer that if you feel Jon & Kate are "horrible examples of anything," then don't they have an urgent need of prayer? Prayer shouldn't be viewed as your money and only handed out to people and causes when you feel like it. Prayer should happen because we love God and love people warts and all.

  141. Jon was young and naive when he got married and became a father of multiples. He really had no idea that the media would be taking pictures of him every time he breathed. He is at home with 8 kids even with help and she is leading what he sees as a glamorous easy life in hotels, and he acted just like a recalcitrant teenager would. Is she hard on him? you bet! Is he blissfully unaware of stuff? yup. I will still pray for them because I believe in the sanctity of marriage and that they should not throw away 10 years and ruin the lives of those kids.
    Whether or not they have "exploited" the kids or alienated other people is not at issue here.
    They are obviously unhappy and they need our prayers and some counseling. And this needs to be the last season. So they can gain some privacy and distance.

  142. Anonymous,

    Thanks for sharing. Sums it all up very well.

  143. Thank you for praying for Jon and Kate and their family. As a life-long Christian I have learned to seek help from The One who can truly help. I pray that Jon and Kate will remember the things they said in their book about trusting God and looking to Him for answers. Whether they remain husband and wife is less important than how the two of them take care of the children they brought into the world. I will pray that their eyes are opened to the needs before them and that they will remember how they USED to be.

  144. I was heart sick watching last night's episode - especially seeing two people who used to be close - so far away. I can remember back to season one and I think that many of their problems stem from their lack of communication skills, that I like others laughed about back then.

    Since they had shaky communication then, now that they are going through a "daniel fire" in their life neither one can figure out how to claw themselves out of the den. And as someone who has been in that hole before it will be for naught if they do not get the Lord's help in doing so. So, yes I will pray.

    Rick thank you for your attempt to keep this as positive as possible. It bothers me that people feel right to judge others based on the 30 minute clip we see each week. Newsflash everyone, Jon and Kate are not perfect but neither are we.

    I feel sadness for their family but unlike others I would love if the show continued to show a marriage counseling side of things so that maybe my husband and I could learn something new. My gut says this is not acting on their part.

    As far as those anonymous readers who blast the Gosselins choices, that is just it. They are choices and they were made by them. I don't think any one of us has the right to think we would have done something different if in their shoes. We will never know. I for one think that their children are much more adjusted and well behaved than many children I have worked with over the years.

    God bless you Rick and God bless the Gosselins too!

  145. This couple needs prayer... along with a good attorney, an even better shrink, and a capable doctor for steralization.

  146. It was nice to find this blog and know that others are praying for this family as well. Keep the prayers coming. May God's hand guide them.

  147. Lundvall Family Editors,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and for your support. Any relationship is all about communication and especially so with a marriage. I, too, pray that the coming days will see great strides being made in the fields of communication and compromise with them.

    Prayer they are receiving from so many wonderful people. What a blessing! A good counselor can be helpful to help clear the air between a couple.

  148. Hi..
    just found this prayer blog for the Gosselin family.
    It is truly a blessing amongst all the tabloid fooder..
    i have a question
    Do they know of this blog?
    they are being hounded teerribly in other media outlets..
    just curious if Jon and Kate know how much we, who wish them well, are praying for them to figure it out and stay together for their love is prevelant thru all the crap..
    thank-you for starting this
    I just hope they see it.

  149. u have to be kidding me. why r u people praying for these now filthy millionaires. yea im sure life is so hard for them. put me down for a prayer o how about never.

  150. Anonymous,

    Would love for the Gosselins to know this campaign is going on. I'm not certain if word has reached them and may never know. But the greatest blessing is that they are being bathed in prayer and we know the power of it!


    Regardless of how much or how little money someone has, everyone needs prayer. Many of my readers and I would gladly pray for your specific needs. For now, my prayer is that you'll come to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. Take care and be well.

  151. The Holy Spirit has had me praying for this family for a while now and T.V is not anything I;m interested in; however, this folks need the mercies of God like anyone else, no matter what they may be doing right or wrong. True love from the heart of true believers will lift them up to our Heavenly Father in faith, believing that He hears and He answers. He loves them far more than we ever could and do. He is their true need and true help and He will get them to be where they need to be in this life. Rachel

  152. Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your words. They are a blessing.

  153. Thank you for starting this prayer site for Jon and Kate. I have been haunted all night and all day today by last night's program and have been praying for them so hard -- it will help to have a scheduled time in addition to my briefly whispered prayers.

  154. I have personally interacted with the Gosselins back in her pregnancy, helping care for her for 3 months. I am also a practicing Christian who values the true meaning of following Christ in a broken, fallen world. What I find really upsetting about this family is that it's destroying credibility for those of us who are open about our struggles in our journey of life and with Christ at our side. There's an air of self-righteousness and selfish-ness, and it's infuriating. And, honestly, I saw the roots of this WAY back in her pregnancy as well, as they didn't call providers by their names, express thankfulness for care, but rather helped convey a sense of entitlement and rudeness. Why drag God's Word and being Christians into the show? Stop the labeling, alright... It's a set-up for increased scrutiny and hypocrisy. At a time when they should be exhibiting HUMILITY as a prime opportunity to be REAL Christians, instead PRIDE and ANGER are prevalent. The flesh of the world and lust of the eyes have taken over their lives. I pray that God will convict them both, and that they will RESPOND IN HUMILITY, putting God and His Kingdom purposes first. They need major marital and individual counseling, as well as treatment for narcisstic and OCD personality disorders. I fear for the children's future. Do what's right and discontinue or suspend the show, Jon and Kate, or even TLC. It's not about the $1 million mansions, first class traveling, and high-quality lifestyles. God wants to meet you in your brokenness, but you have to be willing to obey and follow God's principles... We reap what we sow...

  155. I love this, on all these websites all everybody does is sit there and ridicule them when they need love and support. It's disgusting that people can't simply pray for them and let them live THEIR lives. It's not for our enjoyment (maybe the show is) but it is their actual life.

    God Bless You!

  156. Anonymous #1,

    Thanks for the support and for understanding the power of prayer and the purpose for this effort. You are a blessing!

    Anonymous #2,

    Thank you for sharing your insights with me and the followers of this blog. Having a first-hand experience such as you did provided you with a unique perspective. What it showed me is a more pronounced and acute reason for why we're praying for this couple. It's not about them being some "super Christians" for the world to see and if that was the effort no wonder it's crumbling.

    God's methods are so much more subtle and far-reaching than we could imagine, which is why the focus must be on repairing their relationship, healing the family, and be willing to do whatever with the show and fame.

    Anonymous #3,

    Thank you for your support and observations. We're indeed trying to make a positive difference here.

  157. in this unstable economy why don't we all pray for those who have lost their jobs.while our country is at war why don't we prayfor our soldirs and their families.while there are children starving even in our own country why don't we pray for them.i could go on and and the bottom of my list however are people who are paid millions and given a free home and just about anything they want,including a tummy tuck just because they managed to produce way too many children.

  158. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing. But what if what we are praying for is not in God's plan for the Gosselins? I live by Mark 16: 15-20 "Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature." The first disciples received the gospel from Jesus as an act of love from beginning to end. Every healing, miracle and teaching was a demonstration of the intimacy that God shares with the world. The final Passion of Jesus was the ultimate expression of that fidelity: There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends. The gospel is, therefore, a parting gift of love that Jesus bequeaths us all in these words before His Ascension. Jon and Kate need to put family and love first. We can't take money or material goods to heaven with us when we die.

  159. Prayer does not work. You are a pathetic moron. Focus on yourself before obsessing over two TERRIBLE parents whom you don't know!

  160. I don't think Jesus charged a fee for him to speak in front of groups. I could be wrong though.

  161. Anonymous,

    Prayer shouldn't be limited to yourself or Jon & Kate. You should lift up whomever is brought to your heart. Pray for the unemployed and offer praises for you and those whom have jobs. Pray for soldiers deployed & their families and offer praises for those safely returning to their families. Pray for those needing a meal while offer praises for having food.


    Thank you for your thoughtful words. Certainly the key here without intimately knowing the prayer needs of this couple is to pray for wisdom and discernment for Jon & Kate, the family's protection, and that God's will be done. Indeed, family and love should come first.

    Bad Fish,

    Prayer absolutely works as is evident in my nearly 20 years of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. It also works as is evident by the dozens of comments made on this post. It's more moronic to be focused on my needs instead of the needs of others and go through life without knowing His love.

  162. Anonymous,

    No, instead he paid for your sins with His life so that you could know God's love.

  163. I think all of the negative comments about this family and what they are going through is really so unkind. There are obviously some real issues going on here, and this family is desperately in need of prayer. Sometimes, there are those who need our prayers more than others for a season, but we all need prayer. Condemning them is not a Christian attitude, no matter what they've done. I'm committed to praying for them and hope to see this family reconcile their problems and begin to thrive, as God intends for all of us who follow Him.

    Jean in Illinois

  164. Jean,

    Thanks for your comments and for accentuating the positives. Keep praying!

  165. as far as the negitive comments about them putting their children in front of the camera, and the cameras stealing their souls, get real. think about it, you want them to get off tv, okay lets see the 2 parents go out get 2 separate jobs, put EIGHT kids in daycare/school, feed them 3 meals a day, a clean roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. with 2 regular incomes, you all do realize how bad this economy is ..right? or are we living in 2 diffent worlds? go out, adopt eight kids, 6 that are age 5 and 2 that are age 8, and try to raise them on 2 incomes, put food on the table, clean clothes on their backs, and a good roof over their head. O and then come home and interact with them till bed time, give this family a break, let them decide what's best for them! as far as jon "cheating" and kate being a "shrew" let them work it out, don't play blame game, no one wins that way, if you all really give a damn, pray for the best, not just for them but every family struggling, hopefully more people will realize that the kids should come first, hopefully the economy will pick up soon, in the end all anyone can do is pray!

  166. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  167. Katie,

    Well said...thanks for keepin it real. :)

  168. by the way, to all the negative comments that talk about their faith in god etc, how christian like is it to be so horribly negative towards this family? leave them alone

  169. Thank you for creating this website to show grace and love toward a family America loves. I also pray for those of us who enjoy watching this family fall apart as though our own struggles which are out of the limelight are somehow not the same. Grace, love, compassion are the only attributes we should be expressing anytime any of us who claim to have the love of God in us hear negative talk on this family. Pray for them and give God thanks for all of the blessings in our own lives.

  170. Claudia,

    Indeed, we have so much for which to be thankful. Praises be to God!

  171. Rick,

    I've changed my mind. Leave what I've said up here.

    Why? Because it seems that wherever the Gosselins are being discussed on the Net these days, you too are there, plugging this prayer page and saying that "the media and others continue their campaign of gossip and hate." (From Today NBC Philadelphia comments.) That's not the only place, btw, and it makes me wonder if you're being paid to go around and say these things.** Of course, you could just be naturally self-aggrandizing, but one wonders why this is so important to you.

    As to why it's important to ME: I am old enough to remember when the first "reality family" was shown on PBS in 1973. Yeah, that was ALSO a family that was falling apart due to divorce and other strains and the cameras did not help at all. Since then, it's been one reality show trainwreck after another. Kate Gosselin is on record as saying that the marriages of families with high order multiples break up more frequently than those without. However, the stats for reality families are worse. We KNOW, we have a track record for how reality shows affect families. It's not a good track record. Anyone who cares about their family would NOT want to have them in front of a TV camera on a regular basis. Even the idea that they can be a good Christian model falls by the wayside in the face of an unblinking camera lens.

    Not only that, the children themselves are basically being exploited for their money-making ability. Nobody would care for Jon and Kate; their children are the draw. However, the kids have no say in the fact that they're being filmed, but the parents are continuing this nonsense in the face of what is apparently a marital breakdown. If Jon and Kate cared about their marriage and their family, they'd do what it took to break their contract and take their family's privacy back. In that, I think they'd win a whole lot of respect from many, many people (including myself) for putting their children and their marriage before everything else.


    **[On the other hand, it may just be self-promotion on your part, since I discovered in my googling that you have also pushed the standard ultraconservative understanding of "separation of church and state." If you think religion has been purged from the public square, as you say, then you REALLY need to live in a state like Utah, where, when you're the minority religion, you'll *appreciate* the separation of church and state for what it is. I can say that as I lived in Utah for seven years. And I have a juris doctor, so I know what the First Amendment says. I also know what Article VI says about religious tests for office. That's s neither here nor there, but I STRONGLY recommend to anyone who thinks that separation of church and state is a bad thing that they live a couple of years in Provo, Utah and then get back to me about their experience.]

  172. mirele/Deana,

    Thanks for your continued feedback. I was hoping you found my reply to your last note at:

    Indeed, you have seen links about this post commented to relevant stories (all negative) about the Gosselins. No, I'm not being paid to post links nor am I being paid to write anything about the Gosselins.

    I've no interest in praising or boasting my self worth since my worth is found in Christ. My goal is to drawing people away from gossip and negative speculation towards praying for this family.

    Why is that important to me? I was and continue to be sick of hearing and seeing the negative speculations and dribble in print and video about this family. You and I are certainly in agreement that priority here needs to be on family - both couple and children - and regaining privacy.

    As for my views about "separation of church of state" and them being ultraconservative, it's quite likely that those views would be enhanced living in a state such as Utah but I have no desire to move my family West. Wouldn't mind visiting there, though. I do stand by those thoughts and my social networking for sharing the link.

    As mentioned on the link above, let me know if you wish to speak further about your experiences. Thanks, again, for your sharing your thoughts.

  173. Rick,

    You call it "negative speculation." But what it really is is "reality."

  174. Caleb,

    Don't believe everything you read.

  175. someone told me once that the Christian army is the only group that shoots at it's own wounded. Sadly, after reading many of the remarks is certainly in evidence.
    I had been irritated with alot of the J&K stories and saddened by the opening show, but as much as we think we know what is going on, unless you are in their skin and in their heads we really don't know what is truly going on.
    Thank you Rick for the reminder to pray and for staying true to what you feel called to do....

  176. Rick Garner, I have just stumbled on to your blog while reading another sad article about Jon & Kate. After the non-stop, negative headlines piling up on this tragic situation, your words are the first and only words of true concern and reason. You are so right, we all need to turn our channels AWAY and PRAY for these people and these sweet kids. I also wish for us all to pray for ourselves, that we can stop feeding on the ruin and carnage of the tabloids. I see more now than ever, that we are all discustingly hanging on every word of the celebrity gossip shows and magazines. We should stop gossiping and start hoping and praying for all of these living, breathing and feeling souls out there having thier private business splashed about for the world to see. I will gladly and whole heartedly accept your challenge and pray for them...and all of us. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  177. Hello Rick,

    Thank you for encouraging people to pray for Jon and Kate Gosselin. The only thing we can do now is to pray and seek God on behalf of this couple during this challenging and difficult time in their lives. No one can understand the turmoil and the anguish that they are experiencing. All we can do is to support them in prayer.

    Rick, "...know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58

    Keep up your fantastic work. Your mature and biblical responses are much appreciated. God bless you.


  178. Debbie,

    I've heard this phrase before and it's merely truth to me that NO ONE is perfect and we are ALL human. Everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn't be condemned, humiliated, or shunned. They need to be loved and prayed for. That's what so great about prayer, it takes the focus off oneself and places it on someone else and their needs. Certainly, we should pray for our own needs but even then it's seeking God's Will in those wants or needs. Thanks for praying!


    No, THANK YOU for YOUR words of wisdom. Praises be to God for you helping to stop the gossip!

  179. Kay,

    Thank you so much for sharing your kind and thoughtful words of encouragement. You are a blessing to the readers and me!

  180. Please folks, these kids are nothing more than the modern equivalent of the Dionne Quintuplets: with every moment videotaped for the cameras and shown pretty 24/7 every where. The show went from being fairly sweet to this train wreck because the parents seem to be greedy. Did they really NEED a 1.1 MILLION mansion? $1,600/day bodyguard for the wife? Will these poor kids ever see a PENNY of the money their childhood's earned? Not to mention, if we're seeing the birth mother on every magazine and news show or out signing autographs, and the birth father is out drinking - who IS REALLY PARENTING THOSE KIDS? Paid help. Sad, sad, sad. ALL CHILDREN IN ENTERTAINMENT - whether scripted or not - need the SAME compensations across the board in all 50 states - as California enacted, along with a new version of "Coogan's Law" to protect their earnings. FREE THE GOSSELIN EIGHT!!!!

  181. they have 10 millon in the bank and plus book sales if there show stops there not going to be poor. They have sold 2 diffrent books Kate wrote people dont want these little kids to have a normal life why? Kate and Jon have alot of money now TLC wants to cash in on there marriage how sick. TLC will use them and in the end get rid of them when they tear the marriage apart how sad no money is worth ending your marriage over. TCL people are not christians they are prettty evil the way there useing this family so sad.

  182. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. That's all that TLC and Kate care about is the money, not the kids. It's all very, very sad. Collin is seen rocking back and forth and blinking rapidly in the birthday photos. Those kids are stressed out from having cameras in their faces. Someone needs to do something and soon.

  183. While I agree "it's sad how we as a society enjoy watching the destruction of lives," sadder still are parents who put their love of all things "celebrity" over love for their children.
    I HAVE been praying for this family, sir. Though, perhaps, in a way different than you.

  184. Jon and Kate made a deal with the devil when they chose to put themselves and their 8 kids on the tube. The kids had no say in they are the ones who pay the price for their parents greed. I feel very sorry for the kids who will be taunted by other children no matter where they go. Jon and kate need to pull the plug on the show, get everyone into therapy and quit blaming everyone but themselves for where they are at. Money does not buy happiness and they have not been happy for years...look at their body language. Kate loves the camera and the attention unless she can call the shots...Jon obviously sick of it. The children nothing but little money makers.

  185. Anonymous #1,

    I don't disagree with the comparison to the Dionne Quintuplets in the entertainment factor. I do caution this notion that the children need to be "freed" or "rescued". It's unwise to presume what is or isn't going on from a parenting standpoint. Jon & Kate are their parents and if you disagree with their methods, that's your opinion but it's still their choice. Prayer can change hearts and minds which is what needs to happen first and foremost. THEN, the children can be better protected and perhaps removed from the fishbowl.

    Anonymous #2 and Caleb's wife,

    TLC is a media business so they cannot be called evil for how they conduct their marketing. How little or how much Jon & Kate allow themselves and their children to participate can be controlled. But when one is so wrapped up in a business and its consequences, it's not very easy to see a clear path. Hence the need for prayer!

    Anonymous #3,

    You're entitled to pray for this couple and family however you are led. It's not mine or anyone else's place to dictate what those prayers should be able. God's Will be done.

    Anonymous #4,

    Prayer can help change hearts and lives, if they are willing to be willing.

  186. Hope the investigate if those children have money set aside for them also! Now if they could only get the IRS involved to see if they declared their 'love" offerings on their tax returns

  187. Luke 8:17 "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing secret that will not become known and come to light."

  188. "Wicked men and impostors have advanced from bad to worse"-2 Timothy 3:1-5,13.

  189. Finally, a Christian publication speaks out!

  190. Anonymous,

    Lot's of good points in this article. Moral of the story, prayer can highlight areas in our lives and the lives of others that need to change. I'm certain Jon & Kate have had prayer support but not all along. It's easier to pray when things seem wrong than to realize that praises and prayers are needed in the good times, too.

  191. I am with Jackie on this one. There are thousands, if not millions of children in this world who have it a lot worse than the Gosselin kids. These eight Gosselin kids wear cute, name brand outfits 24/7, take fancy vacations, live in a huge house, and eat organic food. Hardly what I would call a dire situation. Think of the kids in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Darfur....the list goes on. The children in these countries do not have any of the perks these Gosselin kids have, some don't even have food, shelter, or parents. So, while the Gosselin's lives may not be perfect, they are a heck of a lot better off than most kids in this world. My prayers will be for this show being pulled off the air.

  192. Angie,

    I caution you as I have others on placing conditions on prayers. While the Gosselins are indeed better off than many families in this country and certainly others, they are no less deserving of prayers. Pray as you are led but check your heart first so that you approach God's throne with humility.


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