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Die Rush Limbaugh!

On the Eve of New Year's Eve, Rush Limbaugh is rushed to a Hawaii hospital with chest pains. News reports mention his condition as "serious" but little information is available. Hours later, it's reported that he's "resting comfortably" at the hospital.

The hours in between paint a pathetic picture of our country:

New York Daily News described Limbaugh as a "radio loudmouth" and a "right-wing talk show host." The article also mentions that Rush's "nemesis" President Obama and "target of Limbaugh's bile" Nancy Pelosi were also vacationing in Hawaii this week.

Gawker has comments such as:

Evie Havok: "I'll take a cue from Palin and say. Die, baby, die!! It probably won't happen. This dumb f*** probably has heartburn. But I can't help but wish he gets a massive heart attack. Just look at him. It's bound to happen sometime. If not today then hopefully someday soon."

CaptainSnarky: "The sad thing is, even if he dies (or whatever a soulless, heartless bugf*** such as Limbaugh does when the host body ceases to function), another soulless, heartless bugf*** will eventually take his place."

More comments from Twitter are equally hateful:

@kenneth212 Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital in Honolulu. Maybe Santa did get my letter.

@MelechT Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the Hospital. Just when I thought Christmas was over…


@phontigallo: I was scared of another death this year til I heard Rush Limbaugh was in the hospital. Come on 2009; don’t fail me now.

The Radio Equalizer has other sad examples of hate.

How far we have fallen as a society in the first decade of 2000. In the latter months of 2001, we saw the best of America. Our courage, compassion, resolve, determination, and love. Moving into 2010, however, we easily and frequently show that if we disagree with someone we can say whatever hateful things we want about them, including hoping they die.

Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals...regardless of the label, all have made mistakes in words shared both spoken and written. What seems rather interesting is that when people disagree with gay marriage, global warming/climate change, health care reform, and many of Obama's policies...these people are labeled ignorant, rednecks, racists, and have death threats heaped upon them.

When the "bullhorn" of the Republican party, a radio entertainer who has 14 million listeners, is hospitalized with chest pains...make jokes about his weight and diet...make jokes about his drug abuse. Make jokes. But wishing, hoping, and praying he dies? Have some class!

Calling Rush un-American, racist, right-wing, and whatever else you wish is your opinion and right. However, before you are entitled to call him anything, listen at least to one full radio show. You have no opinion until you've done that. Afterwards, if you still disagree with him, you're entitled to your opinion.

Regardless of how much you disagree with his message, you have no right to wish death on him. Save that for the terrorists who want to kill you and your family. To read about them, you should visit islam: the religion of peace.

And if you still want to disagree with what Rush is talking about, perhaps you should examine Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption. They just released its 2009 list of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians."

Seek facts from multiple sources...the truth will always be revealed.

Agree to disagree with people them always.


  1. Actually, i find it interesting that the party of so-called "peace and love" is wishing for the death of another human being. seems rather hypocritical, but of course one would expect nothing less then hypocrisy from the hate-filled left. why leftists have such a problem with opposing viewpoints i do not know, but it belies an inability to use logic and follow a cohesive train of thought.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for your comments. It reminds me of the Psalm 109:8 "campaign" where some claimed Christians were calling for the death of President Obama. A poor use of scripture and a desire for someone to not be re-elected it was. Hoping Obama would die it was not.

  3. "Before it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill," Limbaugh said at the time.

    With Kennedy's passing, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) has called for health care reform legislation to be named in his honor.

    Limbaugh, who was criticized for his insensitivity over the Kennedy remarks, is expressing vindication. "I predicted it, and I caught all kinds of grief for it out there," he said.

    Karma is a ... Looks like he will be joining Kennedy soon. Maybe they can name the tea parties in his honor!

  4. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I've seen a number of people talking about "karma" as if it justifies their hate. Rush has never wished anyone dead. I've never wished Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or Kennedy dead. Again, disagree with someone's views and opinions...but wishing them dead, well, if you believe in karma you should watch your back.

  5. Well, Mr. Limbaugh... how does it feel to have a pre-existing condition now??? I really hope you enjoy losing your health insurance coverage or seeing your insurance rate skyrocket through the roof. Funny thing why anyone is wasting their time focusing on this narcissistic jerk-a-sarous. There are many average citizens who lost their jobs because of republicans who shipped our jobs to china. Maybe Limbaugh might stroke out and have really affected speech which would be for him a fate wose than death. Now that would really kill him.

  6. Limbaugh is a vile man who has caused vast harm and death in this country by promoting his political views to the ignorant, the unintelligent, the racist, the fearful, and the hateful in order to accomplish one thing: to obtain for himself wealth, power, and fame. Limbaugh does not care one bit about America or her people, and his death would not be anything tragic, but rather would only serve to make our country a better place. Sorry for the truth, I know it hurts.

  7. Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. Since you seem to have some thoughts on health care reform, you should visit this:

  8. If Obama died tomorrow, there would be plenty of the same type of comments from Conservatives.

  9. The leftists wishing ill will on Rush show that their compassion and tolerance are only skin deep, and are completely dependant on if the political alignment of the person is under their fascist view.

  10. Anonymous, thanks for sharing your thoughts here, but I completely disagree with you. What is truth is how perfect your thoughts make my point. You disagree with what Rush says and believe anyone who disagrees with you is "ignorant, unintelligent, racist, fearful, and hateful" and condone his death. I would offer that such words are truly ignorant and hateful.

  11. Lamont, thanks for your comment. Sadly, there might be some who would voice such thoughts. However, the majority of conservatives would not speak such things because we don't wish death upon those with whom we disagree.

  12. Erik, thanks for your thoughts. Sadly, true colors are shown in moments such as this. With Obama and Pelosi also vacationing in the area, the classy thing to do would be to pay the man a visit.

  13. Liberals are pathetic. Think Obama really won the election, come on, ACORN is so involved in voter registration and voter fraud, the liberals (socialists) have found a way to create a dictatorship.

  14. Anonymous, thanks for your comment. More people should examine this site:

  15. I came across your blog through your John and Kate plus Eight site and I have been touched and inspired by your ability to eoquently speak to conservative values while still being welcoming to those who may have different views. For example, I did not consider myself a supporter of Sarah Palin, but I was encouraged to include her and her family in my prayers after reading your thoughts on her treatment in the media. I look forward to reading your posts and often wish they were more frequent.

    How dissapointing to read the following:

    _Save that for the terrorists who want to kill you and your family. To read about them, you should visit islam: the religion of peace._

    I can only hope that this was some kind of joke I didn't get. I chose not to follow the link. While I feel that Christians should be uncompromising in their love of Jesus and the Christian faith, I cannot understand bashing an entire religion based on the sad actions of extremists. Aren't there ways to prayerfully and fairly address religions different from our own? Using language that seems to cast all of islam as villains seems not unlike wishing death on a fellow human being simply because they are conservative.

  16. Anonymous, thank you for sharing your views here. It blesses me to know my words had an impact on you. With regards to my line about terrorists, I'll expand upon that.

    One's enemies should be shown love if given the opportunity and prayed for at all times. We can pray for terrorists - that they can be shown the Truth which is the love of Jesus Christ - but we should be prepared to defend ourselves.

    The fact is no other religion is as violent as Islam. No other religion condones and encourages the killing of others - those who disagree with Islam. The Qur'an says non-Muslims are hated by Allah and violence is sanctioned where there's resistance to Islamic dominance. Little of the Qur'an is devoted to practicing the religion of Islam and more speaks to the inferior status of non-believers.

    Are all Muslims terrorists? No. Are all terrorists Muslims, killing in the name of Islam. Yes, it would seem so.

    I would encourage anyone to review this site:

    ...not to make you fearful or judgmental of Islam or Muslims and stereotype those who practice this religion. But we all should be educated and understand what's the driving force for these murders.

  17. Although the hatefilled comments don't surprise me, after the vile treatment of Tony Snow, I do have to laugh at all the karma comments. Can't imagine wanting to dance on anothers grave earns you a great deal of karma points. I do love Rush, been a listener for 20yrs, so of course these comments upset me, however I would have been equally upset if my friends on the right would have made such comments when Kennedy died. We can disagree without debasing ourselves. IMHO

  18. ToniMarie, thanks for visiting and glad you got a chuckle and see the hypocrisy of the karma comments. Here's to more class and less debasing in 2010!

  19. B-b-b-b-baaaawwwwww, Lush Rimjob spews bigotry and fearmongering for more than two decades, and then the wingnuts clutch their pearls when someone dares to express nasty sentiments about him.

    Oh, and yeah, I saw plenty of wingnut bile about Ted Kennedy, and Paul Wellstone, when they died. Wingnuts only care about "civility" as a way of silencing their enemies.

  20. Anonymous, thanks for expressing your views here. You may disagree with Rush but no one should ever wish a person dead. It's unfortunate that you witnessed "bile" regarding the passing of Kennedy and Wellstone. The key is to actually be allowed to have opinions and share them without being shouted-down, name-called, or death-wished.


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