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It Is Finished

It's finally over. We as a nation have chosen our next President.

For myself and many others, it's a relief in that it's over. No more campaigning, commercials, or other pieces of info. The never-ending story has gone on for nearly 2 years. The final page is turned and it is finished.

There are good things I will take away from this election. It's encouraging and refreshing to see so many get excited about voting. The amount of youth who chose to vote is wonderful and amazing. This excitement began with the '04 elections along with online coverage resources. With this election, most of our information and updates are online. The opportunity that a black man can become President is refreshing considering the newness of this nation and the closeness of the Civil Rights movement.

There are some things about this election that disappoint me.

We have elected a man because he is black, young, and speaks well. He is everything that President Bush is not and that's all that people focused upon. Sure, there has been talk about "change" but this change is for the sake of change. I'm reminded of the children of Israel who wanted a king so badly that God allowed them to have one. He directed Samuel to anoint Saul who began as a wonderful king, but his reign ended in disobedience to God. David was anointed the new king while Saul was still in power. Will the jubilant crowds tonight regret their decision years from now?

There are very few individuals I know who align with the Democrat party who aren't liberal and aren't arrogant. Of course, every rule and stereotype has exceptions. Even so, what has surprised me is how often Obama supporters labeled McCain supporters "wrong" and were so combative to defend their stance. I was amazed how one previous colleague alluded to McCain "stealing" her friends. The implication seemed that she couldn't associate or continue being friends with anyone who supported McCain. Amazing.

Obama is no savior. He is a mere man going into an office that demands respect. He has my respect, however, you can respect someone without supporting or agreeing with them. Many cannot grasp that idea...that you can love someone but not support or agree with their choices or opinions.

In many ways, America is no longer a Christian nation because she has accepted what was once tolerated. A parent can tolerate a child's behavior in some situations but in others that behavior cannot be accepted. For years, we've become so accepting of so many things in the name of "love" and "freedom" that we've allowed right and and white to become gray. We don't want to offend anyone, or challenge them to learn something, or apply discipline whenever needed. We can justify so many things in the name of science and progress that we don't stop to think if it's right or wrong.

I welcome being wrong about Obama. I hope he makes a great President. I pray he is a President that helps the economy, creates jobs, protects unborn life, protects marriage between a man and woman, stands against terrorists, leads the military well, doesn't needlessly yank troops from the Middle East or elsewhere, and doesn't transform us into a socialist nation. The key here is: prayer.

Don't give up and pout or plop down in your kiddie pool of disappointment and discouragement. Pray for Obama and his office. Pray for Godly discernment in everything that it does, especially since it will be challenged within 6 months from inauguration (says Joe the VP). Pray for God's wisdom.

This is the change we need.


  1. Hey Rick!

    This is Nikki Porter, from high school. I am currently working on a nursing contract in the Bay area in CA. I just wanted to say thank you for your well written post tonight. You are very poignant in your writing. Well done, sir. I appreciate your taking the time to "pen" your thoughts and your willingness to share them with others, whatever their reaction. I agree with you that the key is prayer. And faith. And trust in God. And some more prayer. And some more trusting that God knows what is going on and has the master plan. Maybe a little more prayer for faith and endurance. =)
    Hope you and your family are well! Thanks again. I needed to read that after today and before tomorrow.

    Take care,

    Nikki Porter

  2. Rick:
    I honestly thought your head would explode with Obama's election given all the smear videos you've posted incessantly over the past several weeks here on Facebook, but your reasoning and reckoning here is incredibly mature, honest, and reasonable. You don't have to agree with someone to pray for them and respect them. In covering this election, I've been honestly astounded by the number of people who have dismissed Obama as "just words" or a stuffed suit, despite the fact he's incredibly well educated, a Constitutional Scholar, and has proposed many, many innovative, and intricate ideas, has sought the counsel of some of the nation's best minds, and has run a mostly clean campaign despite some horrible attacks on his character, religious life and race. I guess that's where we're at in America these days. Smart people are denigrated. We'd rather vote for people 'we'd like to have a beer with.' How sad. The reason why Obama won in a such a landslide is because the middle class and poor are worse off than they ever were. You're right to be worried about redistribution of wealth, but you've got the direction wrong. More wealth is concentrated now in the super rich. Wages have gone down over the past eight years. Poverty has gone up. It's tougher than ever to make a living for yourself and your family these days. People are tired of it. People are tired of big corporations getting billions in tax breaks while shipping jobs overseas, while they can't pay for food and prescriptions in the same week. Obama is a socialist in the same way you are: he wants public schools and police departments, street lights and clean water for people to drink. He wants the rich to pay 4% more. People making more than a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS. That's how much they paid under Clinton and Reagan. He wants to give the struggling a break. A thousand dollars or $750 which might make a big difference in paying for gas, medicine or food. Where is the sin in this? When did being compassionate toward the sick, poor and hungry become a sin, and not the ailments themselves? We've become a very mean spirited nation. Please give Obama a chance. You're now in the minority of people who did not prefer him in the election. Let him prove himself before you judge him. Keep your mind open. After the economy has tanked, thousands have died in iraq and 9-11, the severe erosion of our constitutional freedoms, and the drumbeat of scandals from the white house, do we have any other choice, but to try something different? I hope this helps you understand, and again, I commend your attitude and thoughts.

    All the best,

  3. Nikki, thanks for your kind words. Glad to have you on Facebook, too! :) I've always enjoyed writing but don't do enough of it. I've contemplated the whole author life. Maybe one day. Yes, it's all about prayer. We simply don't do it often enough and need to be at place where we really miss not having done so. Be good.

    Chris, my ole TV pal, no heads exploding here. An interesting statement: "Smart people are denigrated." My comment on that isn't that we'd rather vote for someone we could have a beer with...and it's not that half the country is uneducated and stupid as some outlets would propose. My view is intelligence isn't always common sense. I'll take a cup of common sense over a gallon of intelligence. Does Obama have common sense? I don't know, so I cannot comment on that.

    I'm totally for helping those struggling who are willing to do something about it. Those who sit back and collect welfare checks and use the money for flashy cars and useless stuff, that's where I get a little torqued.

    I'm perfectly willing to give Obama a chance. After all, I stated that the Office of the President of the United States deserves respect. President Bush hasn't received respect for his last 4 years and much longer than that. Most cannot understand that the man in that office deserves respect, no matter his approval rating, his beliefs, or opinions.

    So, I will certainly respect Obama. I simply hope that in two years, I'm not in an "I told you so" position because of the choices he's made for this country.

    Hence why what he and his administration needs is prayer for guidance, discernment and endurance.

    Keep up the good fight, friend.


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